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List of Sports Rules and Regulations

Why are rules and regulations important in sport? This concise list explains why we need rules and regulations in sport. We list sports rules and regulations of outdoor ball sports and indoor court and racket games played around the United Kingdom.

REGULATIONS IN SPORT: Each sports listing has a brief overview of the most important rules in sports.

Click through to the essential instructions and laws in the game. That is where you will find all the match facts and gripping reviews by expert pundits.

Rules and Regulations of the Sports

Learning the rules and regulations in sport is the essential start for all beginners. Sports fans will soon become an authority on the game.

Along with the essential rules in sport you can also find useful coaching guidelines. There is in-depth information on equipment facts, tactical strategies, and team playing positions.

Our sports research team delves even further into the basic rules of sports. Get hot tips originating from the PDF in the governing body official rule book. We also deliver competitive match reports and championship events from world sports news.

Listing Sports Rules and Regulations A-Z

American Football Rules and Regulations GuideAmerican Football

AMERICAN FOOTBALL RULES: The NFL overview is the ideal introduction to American Football Rules and regulations. Learn all the references and terminology used in the game with simplified explanations on player tactics.

Archery Rules and Regulations GuideArchery

ARCHERY RULES: Archers, face the target and aim your bow as we shoot through a range of Archery regulations and field tactics. Check the list of archery terms and learn how to take care of your bows and arrows.

Arm Wrestling Rules and Regulations GuideArm Wrestling

ARMWRESTLING RULES: Do you have power, brute strength, and strong arm leverage? This guide will help arm wrestlers and beginners follow the strict competitive regulations of the British Armwrestling Federation.

Australian Rules Football Regulations GuideAustralian Football

AUSSIE RULES FOOTBALL: The game of Australian Rules Football has been kicking around 'down under' since 1841. As a rule, the professional league game is played almost exclusively in Australia.

Badminton Rules and Regulations GuideBadminton

BADMINTON RULES: Some newcomers find the concise badminton rules and regulations a little confusing and difficult to understand. Our simple guide for novices will soon get you on court and asking for big servings.

Baseball Rules and Regulations GuideBaseball

BASEBALL RULES: Learn how to play the game following these basic baseball regulations in a simplified guide of team tactics and strategies. Note the rules and formats differ slightly from one league to another.

Basketball Rules and Regulations GuideBasketball

BASKETBALL RULES: World basketball is a ball game with a simple set of rules and basic basketball regulations standardized by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

Beer Pong Rules and Regulations GuideBeer Pong

BEER PONG RULES: The popular drinking game gets played all around the world. The easy rules of beer pong make it a fun indoor activity played in a wide range of venues.

Billiards Game Rules and Regulations GuideBilliards

BILLIARDS RULES: Beginners can learn the basic rules of billiards game from this simplified version of match scoring tactics and equipment regulations.

Bossaball Rules and Regulations GuideBossaball

BOSSABALL RULES: Take the cool moves from soccer, add in a little gymnastics, and mix it all up over a net on a huge inflatable trampoline. You have a recipe for the modern bossaball rules and regulations.

Bowls Rules and Regulations GuideBowls

BOWLS RULES: The sport of bowls (also known as lawn bowls) is a game of bowling. Check out the lawn bowls regulations played outdoors but still adheres to the same guidelines as the indoor format.

Boxing Rules and Regulations GuideBoxing

BOXING RULES: UK professional and amateur championship laws vary by jurisdiction but beginners can fight your way through this basic boxing rule guide for newcomers and combatant boxers who participate.

Chess Rules and Regulations GuideChess

CHESS RULES: A simple guide explaining all the basic chess rules and how to play the game. This section outlines all the strategies and tactics of chess piece movements in simple format.

Chessboxing Rules and Regulations GuideChess Boxing

CHESSBOXING RULES: An oddball combination hybrid sport of chess and boxing. The rules and regulations of chessboxing combine the physical challenge of boxing with a blitz of chess rounds.

Cricket Rules and Regulations GuideCricket

CRICKET RULES: The simple aim of playing the rules of team cricket is to achieve a higher run score than the opposition. It is a universal sport popularized since its 'first innings' in the 16th century.

Croquet Rules and Regulations GuideCroquet

CROQUET RULES: Learn how to play the quintessentially English game of croquet. Basically the simple laws of croquet regulate how you hit a ball through a course of wicket hoops using a wooden mallet.

Curling Rules and Regulations GuideCurling

CURLING RULES: Master the regulations of indoor curling game. The rules and regulations of curling combine the principles and disciplines of bowls with the tactical intrigue of chess.

Darts Rules and Regulations GuideDarts

DARTS RULES: Darting is about scoring so step up to the oche, aim high, and finish on top - No Bull! The basic rules and regulations for darts games are all about scoring.

Dodgeball Rules and Regulations GuideDodgeball

DODGEBALL RULES: Dodgeball games are regular parts of physical education classes in schools. Learning the basic match rules of dodgeball and game tactics will help beginners and newcomers get started and having fun.

Fencing Rules and Regulations GuideFencing

FENCING RULES: This section for beginners focuses on sword fencing rules and regulations for the most common branch - Olympic fencing. The other two versions are the classical version and historical fencing.

Football Rules and Regulations GuideFootball

FOOTBALL RULES: A concise list of soccer football rules and guidelines to get footy fans and supporters match ready. This is the first step of understanding the basic laws of the beautiful game.

Golf Rules and Regulations GuideGolf

GOLFING RULES: This guide to golfing will get you aiming in the right direction and off to a flier. Check out the laws of golf games which also covers the full range of rulings and golfing explanations.

Dodgeball Rules and Regulations GuideHandball

HANDBALL RULES: The UK handball rules allow two teams of seven players (7). They rush around the court with the aim of scoring the most goals, which is achieved by throwing the ball into your opponent's goal.

Highland Games Rules and Regulations GuideHighland Games

HIGHLAND GAMES RULES: Learn the Scottish Highland Games regulations of putting and throwing challenges in traditional attire.

Hockey Rules and Regulations GuideHockey

HOCKEY RULES: Field hockey rules and regulations are similar to a soccer game but players use a stick to play the ball.

UK Ice Hockey Rules and Regulations GuideIce Hockey

ICE HOCKEY RULES: The original rules and regulations of ice hockey were devised for a unique game which is perfectly adapted for icy winter sports using a hard rubber puck.

Judo Rules and Regulations GuideJudo

JUDO RULES: Learn how to follow Olympic judo regulations and international contests as we explain the basics of scoring and judging.

Lacrosse Rules and Regulations GuideLacrosse

LACROSSE RULES: Beginners will learn the basic rules of field lacrosse by following this simplified guide of team tactics, equipment requirements, and team player strategies.

Netball Rules and Regulations GuideNetball

NETBALL RULES: Ladies speed up your game with this simple overview from netball's official codified IFNA regulatory laws and rulings, mastering the player positions and learning about the obstruction rule.

Polo Rules and Regulations GuidePolo

POLO RULES: As horse and human 'partner up' together to play regulation Polo, the simple aim is to score the most goals by sending a ball through a small trap at the end of the pitch.

Racquetball Rules and Regulations GuideRacquetball

RACQUETBALL RULES: Beginners will learn the basic regulations of racquetball by following this simplified guide.

Rounders Rules and Regulations GuideRounders

ROUNDERS RULES: Beginners can learn the basic rules for playing rounders in this simple guide of player tactics. The game goes back as far as 1744 when rounders originated as people started to hit a ball with a stick.

Rugby League Rules and Regulations GuideRugby League

RUGBY LEAGUE RULES: A basic guide begins with rugby league regulations and most important aspects of the game rulings.

Rugby Union Rules and RegulationsRugby Union

RUGBY UNION RULES: Rugger is 'tough' to handle - but try, try, and try again! A comprehensive list of rugby union rules and regulations with explanations extracted from the official codified laws of the game.

Shuffleboard Rules and Regulations GuideShuffleboard

SHUFFLEBOARD RULES: Shuffleboard rules make the game's objective so simple it is easy to play and appropriate for most ages.

Snooker Game Rules and Regulations GuideSnooker

SNOOKER RULES: Beginners can learn the basic rules of snooker games from this simplified version of match scoring tactics and equipment regulations.

Softball Game Rules and Regulations GuideSoftball

SOFTBALL RULES: The simple rules of softball are similar to baseball but there are a few significant differences.

Squash Rules and RegulationsSquash

SQUASH RULES: Play squash regulation games like an ace as we serve you all the tactics of this fast-moving court game.

Swimming Rules and Regulations GuideSwimming

SWIMMING RULES: A basic guide for beginners with information taken from the national governing body who regulate the rules of competitive swimming in the United Kingdom.

Table Tennis Rules and Regulations GuideTable Tennis

TABLE TENNIS RULES: Learn the basic player tactics and the simple rules of table tennis, equipment regulations, and scoring rules of Ping Pong.

Tennis Rules and Regulations GuideTennis

TENNIS RULES: You too can be winner and stay off the sidelines with these basic rules of tennis games.

Ultimate Frisbee Rules and Regulations GuideUltimate Frisbee

ULTIMATE FRISBEE RULES: Ultimate Frisbee rules and regulations are commonly known as 'Ultimate' because the game is a fast-paced sport using flying discs.

Volleyball Rules and Regulations GuideVolleyball

VOLLEYBALL RULES: Stay off the sidelines and be a winner with these basic rules of volleyball games.

Weird Sports Rules and Regulations GuideWeird Sports

UNUSUAL SPORTS RULES: The concise list of weird and wonderful sports from all around the world. Check out those interesting and wacky sports that get played by a zany and elitist minority.

Yoga Rules and Regulations GuideYoga

YOGA RULES: A large number of athletes and sports persons use the established tradition and philosophy of practicing basic yoga regulations to enhance their sporting performance and physical prowess.

List Sports Rules and Regulations A to Z