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Soccer Equipment Facts

This page explains the regulations on football equipment facts and facilities. The list of equipment facts and rules includes soccer pitch dimensions and goal net size.

SOCCER FACTS AND RULES: Some football equipment may get modified in its application.

Facility modifications apply most to players under 16 years of age and for female footballers.

FIFA also allows some rule adjustments for veteran soccer players (35+) and for disabled players.

Soccer Pitch Dimensions

Note: Touchline length must be greater than the length of the goal line.

Football Flag-posts

There are specific football facts and rules for the flag pole in soccer. A flag-post must not be less than 1.5 meters (5 feet) high. Each of the 4 flag posts should have a non-pointed top and one flag must get placed at each corner on the pitch.

Soccer Goal Nets

The distance between the posts of a regulation soccer goal net is 7.32 meters (24 feet). The distance from the lower edge of the crossbar to the ground is 2.44 meters (8 feet). All soccer goalposts and the crossbar must be white in colour.

Young footballers from the age of 13 and upwards should use goal post sizes with these dimensions. This rule is according to the FIFA 17 Laws of the Game.

Football Equipment Facts: Soccer Pitch Dimensions in MetersFIFA Approved Soccer Balls

FIFA govern all the match balls used in association football games. They regulate the football ball size, the material, and its inflated pressure.

Click through for the full FIFA soccer ball specifications and information about the balls used in football matches.

Changing Goalkeepers

Any of the 10 outfield players can change places with the goalkeeper. But, the team must inform the match referee before the change takes place. A change gets made during a stoppage in the game.

Referee's Power

The referee has the authority to hand out yellow or red caution cards during the game.

Referees can also administer caution cards at the half-time interval and after the match has finished.

The power of the officials also allow them to give out match cautions during extra time. The same rule applies during kicks from the penalty mark. This is because the match remains under his jurisdiction at these times.

Player Safety

Players must not use any accessory equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to himself or to any other player. The full soccer equipment list also excludes wearing most items of jewelry.

Goal-line Technology (GLT)

The rules for goal-line technology systems are changing. GLT is getting used more often in the game. Officials use it to verify whether a goal gets scored in support of the referee's ruling and decision.

Commercial Advertising

Any advertising in the stadium must be at least one meter from any of the pitch boundary lines.

Football Equipment Facts and Rules on Playing Facilities