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Darts Rules and Regulations

Basic dart board rules to playing darts regulations is all about scoring. So step up to the oche, aim high to reach the top, and we will help you check out dart rules and regulations.

DART BOARD REGULATIONS: The aim of darting is throwing arrows (darts). But, the professional dart game has several variants.

The simplest, and most common, is the popular ‘darts games rules 501‘.

As a rule, one player challenges another starting from a set figure of 501 and finishes at zero. Players take turns throwing their own set of three darts at the dartboard.

They both attempt to hit the highest score achievable to reduce the points tally. Thus, each score gets subtracted from the running total of 501 until it reaches zero.

The rules of darts and dart board regulations vary. Some state that either player must score a double to finish and hence win the game.

So for example, if your remaining score is 30 you must hit double 15 to finish the game. It can be any other combination. But only if the winning dart lands in the bed of the double matching the remaining amount.

Most darts games rules also allow a check out on the bull (50) – assuming that you need a score of fifty to win the game.

An alternative ruling, and somewhat frustrating as a darts player, is the dart’s ‘double in double out‘ rule. This variance to the normal BDO darts rules and regulations gets played most in pub games.

A few of the bigger tournaments, like the World Grand Prix, use this system of starting and checking out on a double.

All darts professional championships and the vast majority of pub competitions get played over a series of legs. They will usually be the best of three legs, five legs, and eleven, or sometimes more.

BDO Darts Regulations for Equipment

Professional darters and those who play pub darts only need a few pieces of equipment. To play darts games rules players will need:

  • >A place to play the game. It should be a safe area and well lit.
  • A dartboard in good condition. Note: Check out the dartboard measurement below.
  • A set of three darts per player (pub darts players often share arrows). A modern set of darts can be soft-tipped or steel-tipped.

Dartboard Measurements UK

Darts regulations on dartboard measurements for set up are strict. The BDO darts regulations govern the sport in the United Kingdom.

A standard dartboard – often called a clock board in darts slang terms – is usually made of sisal fibres. Cheaper versions are often made from coiled paper or cork material.

Note: BDO stands for the British Darts Organisation. Check out the official BDO playing rules of darts games.

Diameter of a Dart Board

A competitive dart board measures 18 inches in diameter. It has twenty (20) numbered segments. Each individual segment has its own inner and outer ‘single‘ segments. There is an outer bulls-eye and the bulls-eye in the exact center of the dartboard.

The ‘pie-shaped‘ sections are equal in size. Each numbered section contains a double ring on the outside perimeter (doubles) and an interior triple ring (trebles).

The bulls-eye is where the center ring and all the pie segments meet. Some players call it the ‘double bull‘ in dart board terminology and slang. Landing a dart inside the bull earns 50 points for the thrower.

The single bull is the circle on the outside of the double bull. Darters would score 25 points for hitting this target.

Advanced Rule of Darts


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Dart Game Rules and Regulations used in the United Kingdom