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Fouls and Improper Fighting

List of Boxing Rules Fouls

The improper behaviour in boxing can often seem complicated or confusing to beginners. Boxers can get warnings or disqualified depending on the seriousness of boxing fouls.

BOXING FOULS: Violating any boxing rules and regulations gets considered as a foul.

Boxing fouls can result in a warning, a points deduction, or a disqualification by the referee.

Some unsporting behaviour and fighting fouls are more serious than others. As a rule, the safety of both opponents determines the severity of the penalty.

Most professional fight referees tolerate a limited amount of pushing. A stiff push rarely results in an official warning even though it is illegal.

In general, fighters will get warned up to 3 times before the referee starts deducting points. He uses discretion before deciding the seriousness and verdicts of any boxing fouls.

Worst Boxing Fouls in a Professional Bout

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Boxing Fouls List for Professional Bouts; UK Rules Updated 2017