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Baseball Rules for Beginners

Learn how to play the basic rules of baseball game in a simplified guide for beginners. There is extra information on team tactics and scoring strategies.

BASIC RULES OF BASEBALL: Some formats of baseball rules differ from league to league. The British Baseball Federation rules in the UK.

Baseball is a team sport with one basic format dating back as far as 1744.

Even so, it has many similarities to the popular game of rounders rules and regulations.

Its fans and followers display immense passion and excitement for the game. They wait 'impatiently' for the sport's pinnacle each year - the World Series of Baseball.

The game is huge in Canada, North America, and Japan. Baseball is also growing in popularity on United Kingdom side of the Atlantic too.

Yet, only North American teams compete in this prestigious event. So where can you start playing baseball around the United Kingdom?

The British Baseball Federation is a terrific place to start. They will help you find a club near you no matter where you live in Britain.

Basic Rules of Playing BaseballRules and Regulations of Baseball

Object of Playing Baseball Game

In simple terms, the object of baseball is to have scored more runs than your opponent at the end of play. You achieve this by hitting the ball - which gets thrown towards you - as far as you can.

After striking the ball, you should be running quickly around 4 bases to complete one 'run'. As you make your way around the four bases (without getting tagged) another batter comes in to play.

Rules for Baseball Players

Basic Baseball Rules on Equipment

Scoring in Baseball

General Baseball Rules and Regulations

Officials in Baseball

The PDF Baseball Rule Book covers the officiating role and responsibilities of officials. Umpires may call a strike if a batter misses three legitimate pitches or fails to swing at 3 pitches judged 'hittable'.

Winning a Game of Baseball

Winning a game means you have outscored your opposition through the 9 innings played. Scores get added to a cumulative score at the end of each innings.

The team with the most points after 9 innings wins. The basic rules of baseball call it as an 'equal number of turns at bat'. Extra innings get played in the event of a tie to determine a winner.

Advanced Baseball Regulations


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Baseball Rules and Regulations for Beginners in the United Kingdom