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Umpire Equipment

Badminton Umpire Equipment

A list of tools, kit, and clothing as part of badminton officials equipment. Check out the umpire equipment needed if not provided by championship organizers.

BADMINTON OFFICIALS EQUIPMENT: Tournament coordinators and sponsors often supply the gear and uniform.

In most cases they will provide equipment and clothing for the umpire and referees to wear.

As a rule, championship organizers also provide some apparatus. They usually donate shuttlecocks and issue a chair for the adjudicator.

Even so, there may be occasions for match officials and line judges to bring their own gear and uniform. This guide explains what badminton kit and paraphernalia you will need.

The badminton umpiring responsibilities extend to all the match equipment. The officials must ensure it gets used appropriately and with due care during the games.

An electronic or manual scoreboard is an essential part of badminton officials equipment. Manual scoreboards should get placed to one side of the umpire's chair.

Umpire and Referee Equipment

To officiate a badminton game the umpire will need some hardware:

Equipment for Line and Service Judge

To assist in officiating a formal game the line and service judges will need:

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Badminton Uniform and Clothing Regulations

All badminton officials appearance and uniform must distinguish them from the players. As a rule, a badminton referee would wear a single colour polo shirt.

Badminton Officials Equipment: Umpire High Chair for RefereeBadminton shirts should always get tucked inside knee-length shorts.

Referee equipment also applies to their assistant linesmen. They should be wearing rubber soled indoor court trainers during the game.

Major Tournaments

It is not uncommon for the officials to get sponsored badminton wear. Sponsors often supply shirts and clothing as per the uniform of badminton official.

This happens most when the tournament has a large prize fund or attracts a lot of attention from the media.

The same applies to big money-earning international championships. Uniformed shirts get worn by the umpires, referees, and linesmen.

Adverts usually get imprinted on all badminton officials uniform. It is common to display an advert for the sponsor's brand on the shirts.

Minor Tournaments

Badminton officials equipment is often different for minor tournaments. It usually gets determined by the regional club for smaller competitions.

The badminton clothing rules and regulations are less restrictive in county games. Small clubs rarely have enough funds to donate uniformed shirts to match officials.

Organisers of minor tournaments may not even hire standard line or service judges. This is due to the prize or sponsorship money often being too small. It may not cover the administrative cost of looking for volunteer officials.

Line and Service judges overseeing lesser contests can wear less formal clothing. But, they would usually need to wear a decent uniform for elite competitions.

According to badminton rules and regulations shirt colors should not be too bright. Wearing dazzling clothing can distract the players during a match.

Badminton Umpire Equipment for Officials Refereeing in the United Kingdom