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Rules of Badminton 2019 for Beginners

What are the simple rules about badminton UK? Get all the BWF official rules and regulations in badminton game made easy to understand.

BADMINTON RULES UK: This section explains all the key serving tactics in badminton. There is information about match scoring strategies for all badminton players and beginners.

Shuttle badminton rules and regulations is a popular indoor racket sport. The history and origins have noted games played since the 16th century in Greece and parts of Asia.

Some newcomers may find the concise badminton UK rules and regulations a little confusing or difficult to understand.

But this simple guide for novices will soon get you on court and asking for big servings.

The laws of Badminton World Federation govern and promote the global racket game. The badminton national governing body operates from its base and headquarters in Malaysia.

Badminton is one of the most popular indoor racket sports with top-level competitions played around the world. It is currently acknowledged by the International Olympic Committee.

Mastering the fundamental badminton laws and official match rules will give you the edge. Your court game will improve and you will become more competitive.

Basic Rules of Playing BadmintonUK Badminton Rules 2019

Aim of the Game Badminton

Badminton Rules and Regulations: Mixed Doubles UKThe simple aim of winning in shuttle badminton rules and regulation is to triumph at rallies against your opponent.

Players use a racket to propel a light feathered shuttlecock (called a bird or birdie) over a net.

The object of the game is to score more points and win.

You achieve points by grounding the shuttlecock before your opponent can return it. You try to ground the shuttle in designated court areas on their side of the playing field.

Regulation Badminton: Court Playing Area

As a rule badminton gets played on an indoor court more often than outdoors. A 1.55 meter net gets fixed across the center of the court.

The net must get positioned in the center of the rectangular court so it separates two equal halves.

During a match, the badminton court size and net height must measure 6.1 meters wide and 13.4 meters long. Two tram lines run along each side of the court.

The regulations and rules of badminton singles games use the inside tram lines as the parameter. Whereas doubles rules badminton uses the outside perimeter court lines.

Badminton Equipment Used by Players

Opponents use a stringed racket which is smaller in size than a tennis racket. They use the racket to hit the shuttlecock over the net. Professional competitors typically use a lightweight strung badminton racket made from graphite material.

The rules and regulations for badminton govern the shuttle size and shape. The feather birdie should comprise of feathery material surrounding the top section. Shuttlecocks have a half round ball piece at the bottom end.

Serving Rules of Badminton UK

Badminton Players Formation

The different formations can include male, female, or mixed doubles. Player formats are either singles, paired doubles, or mixed doubles (one male and one female).

General Shuttle Badminton Regulations

Badminton Fouls and Faults

There are 5 badminton fouls which players should try to avoid making. The names of the badminton rule infringements are:

  1. Contact Fault
  2. Over the Net Fault
  3. Service Fault
  4. Receiver Fault
  5. Double Hit

Scoring Rules in Badminton UK

You win points when the shuttle comes to rest on the ground in your opponent's designated court half. Of course, your challenger will try to hit it back and start a rally.

The best way to achieve advantage in badminton scoring rules is by forcing your opponent to hit the shuttlecock out of play or into the net.

Rules and Regulations in Badminton Rallies

A rally occurs if your opponent legally returns the shuttlecock back to you. Players rally the shuttle back and forth using a single shot each time.

Rallies continue unless it either hits the ground or fails to go over the net. You also win the rally if it lands outside the pitch on the other side of the net. The rallying gets repeated until a player wins the best of three games to win the match.

Badminton Rules and Regulations: Points

Points get awarded to you if your opponent commits a fault or fails to return the shuttlecock. Points may get won on either of the service games.

Badminton Umpires and Officials

Winning a Game of Badminton England Rules

As a general rule the first player to reach a score of 21 wins a set in the game. If scores get tied at 20-20 the winner is the first player who gets ahead by two clear points. The next point decides the winner of the set if the points are still tied at 29-29.

The majority of championship matches get played out to the best of 3 sets. Winning the overall game requires you to win 2 out of the 3 sets.

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Rules and Regulations of Badminton Game in the United Kingdom