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'Archers: Face Towards the Target and Aim Your Bow and Arrow'

ARCHERY LAWS UK: We shoot you through a range of Olympic archery rules and regulations for beginners.

This simplified UK archery law guide helps you learn how to take care of your bows and arrows.

But there's no need to quiver. We have all the ammunition and tips you need to understand UK bow and arrow laws.

It's an easy summarized version. We cover the most essential rules for playing competitive archery laws UK.

This guide will help you conquer the basic archery rules for beginners. Archers use a stringed bow to propel projectiles - called archery arrows. They shoot the arrows towards a non-moving circular target.

The skill and precision required to hit the mark originates from hunting for animals. Archery hunting in deadly warfare dates back to the Stone Age around 20,000 years BC.

The exigency for hunters and soldiers to master archery led to the birth of organized tournaments. The first recorded event materialized in Finsbury, England, in 1583. Archery began to lose its clout as modern gun-like weaponry occupied the battlefield. But, it remained a popular pastime with competitions held regularly in many countries.

Olympic Archery became a recognized sport for men in 1900. It later dropped out of the international sporting limelight. But, it reappeared in 1972 and currently remains a bastion of the Games.

The governing body for the rules and regulations of archery is the World Archery Federation.

Basic Rules and Regulations of Archery UKRules of Archery UK

Aim of Archery Competitions

The aim of competitive archery rules and regulations is to shoot archery arrows at a stationary circular target. Archers aim to land their arrows as close to the center of the target as possible.

Archery Law UK for Archers (players)

Only one archer holds a bow during the game according to the NFAS Official Archery Rulebook. But, you can also play archery individually and with team competitors.

Bow and Arrow Laws UK for Archery Equipment

UK Archery Laws for Scoring

General Rules of Archery UK

Olympic Archery Laws UK

In Olympic Archery rules and regulations, competitors must aim at a target from a distance of 70 meters. Rounds include a ranking round whereby the overall scores determine the ranking for each athlete. This system typically occurs before a head to head elimination format.

Winning a Game of Archery

How do you win an archery competition? The winner is usually the player with the highest cumulative total score. It can also be the one who beats the opponents in a knockout event.

The archer with the highest number of 10s (or inner 10s) gets declared the victor in a tied situation. An archery shoot-off may also take place to separate competitors who have tied.

More Rules of Archery for Beginners


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Archery Rules and Regulations for Beginners in the United Kingdom