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Fire Kills: How Safe is Your Home?

Official statistics show hundreds of people will lose their lives due to serious fires in their homes every year in the United Kingdom - especially during the Christmas holidays.

Because one simple accident can start a raging inferno, this guide on making your home safe from fire highlights the key safety areas you should consider.

How to Make Your Home Safe from Fire?

Note: Installing and testing smoke alarms is only one way of making your home safe from fire. Even so, failing to have them means you will be about eight (8) times more likely to die if a fire breaks out in your property.

In case you need a reminder:

How to Reduce the Risk of House Fires

Important: Another section contains barbecue fire safety advice and safe cooking tips for outdoor charcoal grills (e.g. when camping or caravanning).

Fire Safety in Rented Accommodation

The Home Office has extra advice for anyone who rents their home and has concerns about fire safety in shared or rented accommodation. But, as a general rule:

People Most Vulnerable from a House Fire

Individuals with hearing, mobility, or sight issues are often at a greater risk of a raging fire in the home. You can read more about fire safety for disabled people on the GOV.UK website.

Note: The local fire and rescue service (e.g. National Fire Chiefs Council) may offer additional advice and carry out a home fire safety visit.

If you are caring for an elderly or disabled person:

Fire Safety in High Rise Flats

Note: The Home Office produces a collection of fire safety guidance documents that cover situations inside and outside of residential properties.

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Note: This short video presented by Fireman Sam explains more about the importance of installing and checking smoke alarms on a regular basis.

Fire Kills: How to Make Your Home Safe from Fire?