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Candle Fire Safety Tips

When is Candle Fire Safety Week in the United Kingdom? As the UK winter sets in the sales and usage of indoor candles escalates. Candle Fire Safety Week takes place towards the end of November each year. The purpose is to remind the public about using wax candles safely.

Using Candles Safely at Home

FIRE SAFETY WITH CANDLES: Using lit candles at home can be a fire hazard. They should be used and handled carefully following these candle safe tips.

Wax candles can cause house fires and property damage if they are left burning unattended or placed too close to clothes or furnishings.

You can reduce the inherent risks that exist with using candles by following these safety guidelines.

Make a note of these dos and don'ts of candle fire safety tips if you plan to use them at home.



Reasons Candles Catch Fire

The principle reason that candles catch fire has to do with how they burn. Obviously the candle's string wick is flammable but that is not the part which burns. As the wax is drawn up the wick tiny waxy particles catch fire, create a small ball of flame, and then disperse into the air.

Candle Fire Safety Tips; UK Rules Updated 2017