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Barbecue Safety Tips

Barbecue Fire Safety Advice

The UK Fire and Rescue Services offer a range of fire safety tips for barbecue and charcoal grill fires. This guide extends the BBQ fire safety advice with a few extra tips on camping and cooking outside.

BBQ FIRE SAFETY: Spending leisure time in the outdoor environment is a great way to relax in the fresh air.

But, it is easy to underestimate the unique fire risks increased by certain outdoor activities - such as barbecue grills.

This guide has specific advice about BBQ fire safety. There are some extra tips on the safety aspects of cooking food outside.

As a rule, a little common sense preparation is enough to ensure your BBQ is a safe and enjoyable experience. Following some basic BBQ fire safety reduces the risk of injury and damage to property.

The typical British summer barbecue should be safe and enjoyable for everyone. But, the risks of distraction can increase when people are around you while cooking. These are the simple fire safety precautions for barbecuing and grilling outside.

Barbecue Fire Safety Tips

Cooking on Charcoal Barbecues

Cooking on Outdoor Gas Barbecues

Caravan Fire Safety Advice

Most caravans are smaller than houses and they are more confined. That means the fire risks of caravanning can be more hazardous.

Barbecue Fire Safety Advice and Outdoor Cooking TipsInstalling a smoke alarm is part of the 10 fire safety rules and tips. They save lives by giving occupants an early warning of a fire along with these extra precautions:

Fire Safety in the Countryside

Fire is the cause of some sort of destruction every year in the United Kingdom. It destroys thousands of acres of open countryside and wildlife habitat.

It is a sad fact that many of these fires get started on purpose. Even so, following a few basic precautions means we can prevent some countryside fires.

Note: Call the fire and rescue service immediately on 999 or 112 if a fire breaks out. Beware that grass and crop fires spread fast. Unless it is a very small fire it is best not to attempt fighting it yourself.

Give them some landmarks when you specify your location (e.g. a pub or a church). Stay close by to direct the fire appliances to the scene if you call them from a public phone box.

Fire Safe Camping and Cooking

People get injured from fires while camping and cooking every year. Follow these fire safety precautions and reduce the risk of getting burnt:

Fire Safety Open Fires

BBQ Fire Safety Laws in the United Kingdom