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Five outlandish observations of what appear to be accepted lifestyle rules for British citizens and how they live their 'quirky' lives in the United Kingdom.

UK LIFE: How Outsiders 'Aliens' May View British Etiquette?

You might want to absorb these social faux pas to avoid crippling a conversation with a true Brit!


Many visitors to UK shores suggest that the word 'sorry' is the single most popular word used in our country.

We are known for being the most apologetic people, even when there is no reason to say sorry or apologise.

If you pass a Brit in a walkway which requires both of you to make a slight meander to pass comfortably, you often hear the word 'sorry' during the incident. Approach a doorway and we wait, holding it for you, and then say, 'sorry'.


British people are sincerely interested in your health and well-being - for the most part. You are likely to hear 'how are you' or 'are you alright' at least a dozen times a day among people passing.

Such a facile statement can mean little to nothing on the surface but those who spend a long time in the United Kingdom, you are more likely to believe that it is sincere.

In general, English people (and our bed-fellows around the UK) are not just a polite people, they are noticeably friendly and easy to get on with.

This is quite amazing to some seeing as our forefathers' were once so aggressive that they actually conquered a large portion of the planet.


Death is a phrase that is rarely mentioned among Brits. You almost never hear people talk publicly about the death of babies, children, or even grandparents. I am not sure why this is so but I have to agree. The jury is still out on the subject but we added in this section for your amusement and consideration.


Walking seems to be the national national pastime to people-watching outsiders who visit Great Britain. Well it cannot be denied that you are guaranteed to see walkers in any weather, cold, wet, dry, clear. It simply does not matter and rarely interrupts a brisk walk.

Our nation has a tradition of 'open pathways' and British law respects the traditional rights dating back more than a thousand years. So the Uk's public footpaths and public rights of way crisscross with daily life around the country.


The majority of British people have noticeable complications in relationship with the topic of nudity and sex - compared to other societies. It is not that we believe in reproduction by divine intervention - of course not. Nonetheless, most people in the UK are considered to be a prudish race in comparison to other promiscuous nationalities around the world.

And Finally...

Three Things Visitors Should Never do While They're in Britain!
1. Kiss as a greeting - Stick out your hand (not mouth) if you're meeting for the first time.
2. Miss your round at the bar - Brits buy in rounds (skipping your turn is bucking the system).
3. Jump the queue - Don't do it (it's what human beings have been doing throughout history).

Quirky View of Living Life in Great Britain; UK Rules Updated 2017