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Rules of Life and Living

Many would argue that without the most important laws the human race may not be here today!


You could argue that this includes most of the written and unwritten rules of life and living.

True - there are many rules that have been laid down about how to live life - in the written form by respected and revered authors.

There are also many 'unwritten rules' which are probably more realistic than many of the general written rules of life.

Life and Living Guide

Animal Laws and Legislation GuideAnimals

ANIMALS & PETS LEGISLATION: This section focuses on the ethical rules and sometimes comical regulations which UK law bestows on pets and animals in our homes and the workplace. The Uk Rules dedicates this segment to the safety and well-being of all animals from funny dog rules to Acts of Law which protect them from cruelty.

Education and Learning GuideEducation

EDUCATION GUIDE: The education and learning guide has all the latest information about student finance loans and bursaries. Find out how school admissions and the national curriculum work.

Rules of Gardening GuideGardening

RULES FOR GARDENING: A simple guide about basic gardening rules with information on planting, advice about growing, and tips on all the best pruning methods.

Rules of Happiness GuideHappiness

10 RULES OF HAPPINESS: Ten simple rules to living a happy life sounds a little cliché. But, applying some of these uplifting priorities - or all 10 - might make the difference you have been looking for.

The Rules of Life and Living GuideLife

RULES OF LIFE & LIVING: Many would argue that living a life without rules means the human race may not be here today! True there are many rules that have been laid down about how to live life – in the written form by respected and revered authors.

UK LIFE: How outsiders 'Aliens' may view British etiquette? Five outlandish observations of what appear to be accepted lifestyle rules for British citizens and how they live their 'quirky' lives in the United Kingdom.

LIFE'S GOLDEN RULE: The Golden Rule of Life is 'only do to other people, whoever they are, what you would accept if they were to do it to you in the same situation'.

LIFE'S SILVER RULE: Basically the Silver Rule of Life is about not doing harm! It has been allied to the doctor’s Hippocratic Oath.

Living Abroad GuideLiving Abroad

MOVING ABROAD CHECKLIST: If you are moving or retiring abroad of the UK you will need to inform several government offices. Check the list of who to inform before you move overseas.

PERMANENT EXPORT: The section explains the process for taking a vehicle abroad out of the United Kingdom. Find out whether VAT is payable on a car you export and the procedures for registration and vehicle tax.

Literary Regulations GuideWriting

ENGLISH WRITING RULES: Write business communication letters, resumes, and emails with skillful authority and correctness using these top techniques for writers. Effective writing with superior punctuation is viewed by many as a sign of professionalism and a distinctive mark of an educated communicator.

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