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Golden Rule

Golden Rule of Life and Living

Only do to other people - whoever they are - what you would accept if they were to do it to you in the same situation.


This is the golden rule of life and how to live it.

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It is included in most worldwide religions, though it can hardly lay claim to being universally accepted or enacted in any culture.

It is one of those rules or sayings which most of us would ascribe to in our mental state. But we find great difficulty in putting it into action as part of everyday life.

The golden rule of life is a good maxim to apply to your life, but it is virtually impossible to uphold in its literal sense.

If we were all to practice this rule, then in theory, we would all be the same, and more importantly, all have the same.

Nonetheless, it is a good way to conduct your life if you are prepared for the consequences as well as the good feeling it bestows!

"Golden Rule - Do Unto Others as You'd Like Them do Unto You!"

A practical problem for the implementation of the golden rule of life is that we are all different! We all hold different positions in life. And individual position or status is a limiting factor to how this rule is acted upon.

Do politicians who have various avenues of wealth available to them, wish that the same is available for all?

Does a religious leader who preaches to his - or her - flock, live by the same creed as they insist others should. Status is a limiting factor for this rule to be universally applied. It may well be that in principle, you try to live this rule with others in your same circle of status, but human experience would suggest otherwise.

A Good Sound Bite

Preacher on 'soapbox'The golden rule - however paraphrased - is always a good emotive sound bite for politicians, and no one has used it to greater effect than President Kennedy in his speech about civil liberties and acceptance of the black Americans as fellow human beings. Powerful use, but did he himself live by the standards of the golden rule?

One of the basic problems of trying to live by this golden rule is that it does not allow for any retribution for those who choose to something bad to us - or to the society in which we live! It only covers your actions towards others.

For instance, if someone borrows something off you, and then point blank refuses to return it after use, how then do you apply the golden rule in that situation? You then have to take heed of the Silver Rule of Life, which is based upon not feeling or doing bad towards those who have done something to you.

So if you stand back and allow this type of action to continue, what are the consequences for your life, and for society as a whole? Someone has done badly, and now you have to decide on how to enact the golden rule! How can you possibly now treat that person, how you yourself would like to be treated?

The Silver Rule of Life may be a little easier to follow and act upon.

Golden Rule of Life; UK Rules Updated 2017