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Gardening Rules

This section is a beginners' guide to horticulture with simplified explanations of the common gardening tasks and pest problems.

RULES FOR GARDENING: A simple guide about basic gardening rules.

There is further information on planting, advice about growing, and tips on the best pruning methods.

A garden that doesn't grow is disappointing and highly frustrating for newcomers to the most popular hobby in the United Kingdom.

Gardening Guide

Rules about PruningPruning Rules

Pruning Rules of Thumb - Beginners can learn the basic rules of pruning flowering shrubs, bushes, and trees such as how to prune and when is the best time.

Good pruning begins with a thorough inspection by viewing the top of the tree and thoughtfully working your way back down to the ground.

Rules about SowingFlowers Rules

No matter how tempting it is to pick wildflowers, like bluebells and daffodils, not being familiar with the laws of picking wild flowers could cost you a fine up to £5,000 (or imprisonment).

Rules about SowingLawn Rules

Rules about SowingVegetable Rules

Rules about SowingWeeding Rules

Rules about Weeding - .

Gardening Rules in the United Kingdom