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Education and Learning

Education and Learning

Get all the latest information about student finance loans and bursaries. Find out how school admissions and the national curriculum work.

UK EDUCATION: There is a lot of help available for those who are already in schooling.

You may also get payments towards the transport cost of send you children to school.

You can find further information about apprenticeships, further education, and specialist training for work.

There is even more help from the government if you are planning to go on to further or higher education.

Those who are looking for specialist training will find help and advice in this education and learning guide. You can also get the most up-to-date information on student finance or a career development loan.

Education and Learning Guide

Schools and Curriculum


Get advice about dealing with schools and how to get financial childcare support for your school-age kids.

Note: There is also further advice and important information about the school curriculum in the United Kingdom.

School Life

The guide explains the regulations on school life and the curriculum. Key information covers the school leaving age, school term and holiday dates, and how to make a complaint.

Student Finance and Loans

A student finance guide for those who are already studying or those who plan on going to University. You can find advice and information about Higher Education and how to get financial help while you study.

Education and Learning Guide