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Animals and Pets Laws

Animal Rules: Funny Pet Laws

This section focuses on the ethical rules and sometimes comical regulations which UK law bestows on pets and animals.

ANIMAL WELFARE: This development of this pets and animals section is in its early stages.

It is a help guide for pet owners and anyone needing information about animal welfare and pets laws.

Pets and animals rules and regulations are evident in our homes. But, you may be surprised to learn how UK law relates to animals in the workplace.

The UK Rules dedicates this segment to the safety and to the well-being of all animals - big and small!

That means we are including everything from funny dog rules to acts of law. The United Kingdom has some of the strictest laws to protect animals and pets from cruelty and suffering.

Animals and Pets Guide

Cats Welfare

Caring for a cat combines a source of enjoyment with all the responsibilities of kitten ownership. The introductory guide will help you learn how to look after a cat or a kitten.

Dogs Welfare

Caring for a dog is a lot of fun but there are serious responsibilities that come with dog ownership. Check the introductory guide to help you learn how to look after a dog or a puppy.


Caring for Horses

Check out the beginners guide to basic horse care and the steps of caring for your first horse. Information in this section will help you feed, water, house, and care for a new horse or pony.

Feeding Horses

10 golden rules for feeding horses will help you make up the best nutritional feeds and keep your horse or pet pony in peak condition throughout the year.

Watering Horses

There may be no equine commandments or official written rules of watering horses because different sized animals crave and require different amounts of watery fluids.

Note: UK Trading Standards have enforced horse passport regulations since 2005. Information in this section explains how to get and use horse passports.

Monkeys and Primates

The RSPCA is against keeping monkeys and primates as pets in the United Kingdom. But, does the pet monkey law allow you to have monkeys at home?


Under progress...

Animal and Pet Laws in the United Kingdom: Seriously Funny Legislation about Animals