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Horse Care for Beginners

Horse Care: Looking after Horses

This is a beginners' guide to basic horse care and steps of caring for your first horse. Information in this section will help you feed, water, house, and care for a new horse or pony.

CARING FOR HORSES: Looking after a horse or pony is a commitment.

Horses need lots of exercise. Like many other animals, they will also need thorough 'daily' care and regular grooming.

This guide explains how feeding horses has some differences to feeding ponies. It explains what to look for in a healthy horse and when you should contact the vet.

Learning how to groom and stable equines is one of the most important points to master. So take a look through this guidance to help you look after your new four-legged companion.

You will have daily chores and responsibilities. There is no 'shortcut' to looking after horses. Equines eat a lot of food and drink gallons of water - every day. This list describes some of the tasks that need accomplishing each day:

How to Take Care of Horses

Feeding Horses GuideFeeding Horses

FEEDING HORSES: 10 golden rules for feeding horses will help you make up the best nutritional feeds and keep your horse or pet pony in peak condition throughout the year.

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Getting and Using a Horse Passport GuideHorse Passport

EQUINE PASSPORTS: UK Trading Standards have enforced horse passport regulations since they came to effect in 2005. Information in the section explains how to get and use horse passports.

Compulsory Microchipping of Horses UK GuideMicrochipping Horses

HORSE MICROCHIP LAW: Defra introduced compulsory microchipping of horses and other equines. Learn how new legislation aims to improve animal welfare and prevent abuse of equidae.

Watering Horses GuideWatering Horses

WATERING HORSES: There may be no equine commandments or official written rules of watering horses because different sized animals crave and require different amounts of watery fluids.

Basic Horse Care for Beginners in the United Kingdom