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How to get Help with the Cost of Prison Visits

Get Help to Visit Someone in Prison

Some prisons can be difficult to reach and costly when using public transport. This guide explains where and how to get help with the cost of making prison visits.

PRISON VISITS: You can get financial help to visit a prisoner. It can be:

The financial support you get can help to cover some of the costs of:

In some cases, it also covers the cost of taking a child with you. The same applies if you need another person to help you make a prison visit (e.g. if you are disabled).

Note: You must either be getting certain qualifying benefits or you must have a health certificate to get the help.

Before You Apply for Help with the Cost of Visiting a Prisoner

You can only apply to get help paying for prison visits that:

You are going to need:

Note: There are two different methods of getting help with the costs. If you used the service before you can sign in using your reference number. If not, you will need to start a new claim.

Applying by Post for Help with Prison Visits

You can also apply by post, by email, or by phone. You should contact the Assisted Prison Visits Unit to request an application form.

Assisted Prison Visits Unit
Telephone: 0300 063 2100
Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm
Check call charges to 0300 numbers.
Assisted Prison Visits Unit
PO Box 2152
B15 1SD

Note: You can also ask for help if you have questions about using the service. The same department deals with any reports of problems relating to the service.

How to get Help to Visit Someone in Prison in the United Kingdom