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Legal Rights

Legal Rights and Legislation

When it is stated that you have a 'legal' right about something, the word legal in its common usage means that it is a right or regulation that has been activated by an authorized legal entity.


The United Kingdom parliamentary system is the principle organization used for empowering legal rights to - or for - someone or something.

Legally Enforced Rights - or legally empowered - include several basic types of law, both civil and criminal law.

Each have their own series of legal rights which have been bestowed by a legitimate law making organisation.

There are many other 'rights' which have been 'developed' into laws of rights, such as Human Rights and Natural Rights. These have generally 'evolved' – rather than been empowered in the first instance by law makers.

Rights and Legislation Guide

British Citizenship Rules UK GuideCitizenship Rules

CITIZEN RIGHTS: The citizens of Great Britain form a working society that live among each other within a nation. Find out how British citizenship rules work for living life in the United Kingdom.

Community Rules and RegulationsCommunity

COMMUNITY RULES: For you to have a Legal Right regarding any of the UK-wide community laws, it will have to have been empowered by one of the lawmaking legal systems. Many of the Legal Rights to which we have access are as a result of Common Law in the United Kingdom.

Courts and Sentencing Rules and RegulationsCourts and Sentencing

ENGLISH COURTS: A page listing the circumstances for going to Court in England and Wales. There is extra information on Court Appeals and Tribunals.

Crime and CompensationCrime and Compensation

REPORTING CRIMES: There are several important things to do without delay if your vehicle gets stolen. After reporting a stolen vehicle to the police and the insurer you may also need to inform the DVLA.

Environment and CountrysideEnvironment

ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES: Planet Earth needs effective and sustainable environmental resource management. This section lists the topics which relate human activities with our environment and countryside. Find out how our society impacts the wildlife, biodiversity, and landscape in the United Kingdom.

Flag Flying Rules and RegulationsFlags

FLAG FLYING PROTOCOLS: Patriotic Britons fly flags to express joy and pride but you must follow the regulations to avoid breaking the law in Britain. The Government regulates the standard flag flying rules and instructions for displaying ensigns, including the Union Flag - also called the Union Jack - and three other national flags of England, Scotland, and Wales.

Flying Rules and RegulationsFlying

UK FLYING RULES: Airline and flight regulation laws include the most rigorous and demanding restrictions that we encounter on air flights across British skies and beyond. As we jet around the country traveling from point A to point B we have become somewhat blasé and laid-back to flight safety checks and international CAA aviation standards.

UK Government Rules and RegulationsGovernment

UK GOVERNMENT: The government website merges all its departments, public bodies, and many agencies. The section lists the most important government services and information topics.

UK History Rules and RegulationsHistory

LAWS IN BRITISH HISTORY: A guide to the ancient and modern history of the United Kingdom. The UK encompasses England, Scotland, Wales, and the northeastern part of the island of Ireland. The political union of the kingdoms of England and Scotland became a unified sovereign state in 1707. A united kingdom which is now called Great Britain.

Police Rules and RegulationsPolice

UK POLICE: The British legal system grants certain established powers to police forces and police officers. All UK police forces have the legal authority to execute their policing policies.

Prisons Sentencing and Probation GuidePrison

UK PRISONS: This guide explains the process for prisons and prison sentences in the United Kingdom. There is further information about probation and getting support for the families of prisoners.

Legal Rights and Legislation