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The government website merges all its departments, public bodies, and many agencies. This section lists the most important government services and public information topics.

UK GOVERNMENT: How does government work in the United Kingdom?

The British government is one of the oldest in the world. In fact, the British Parliament first started in the year 1215.

Since then, the UK Government has shaped itself in the history of Britain throughout the ages.

The Prime Minister leads the government in the United Kingdom.

The role of the UK Prime Minister gets the support of the Cabinet (22) and 94 other ministers (117 in total).

The Prime Minister (PM)

The Prime Minister is head of the whole government. Thus, they have the responsibility for all their policies and decisions. The role of the PM also includes:

Note: The current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in 2019 is The Rt Hon Theresa May MP.

Phone Call Charges and Numbers GuideA Message from the Queen

GET A TELEGRAM FROM QUEEN ELIZABETH ll: How do you receive a personal message from the Queen? British nationals can apply for certain special birthday or anniversary messages sent by telegram from the Queen of the United Kingdom.

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COST OF PHONE CALLS: What is the rate for call charges and phone numbers in the United Kingdom? The list of different UK telephone rates continues to grow.

GOV.UK Verify Replaces Government GatewayGovernment Gateway

GOV.UK Verify: The 'Government Gateway' provides a secure digital online account to use government services online. The new GOV.UK Verify is the verification process replacing Government Gateway.

Avoiding and Reporting Internet Scams and PhishingInternet Scams

SUSPICIOUS Internet ACTIVITY: Digital communication is safer if you understand how Internet scams work. Website fraud and misleading websites can be annoying and risky business for the unwary. The guide helps you identify and report questionable Internet fraud and phishing emails.

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PETITION PARLIAMENT: Learn how petitions work in the United Kingdom. Discover the basic principles behind parliament petition wording and signatures with information on submitting a petition to your MP.

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