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Baby Passport

Passports for Babies

You need to get a passport for your baby to travel abroad. This section covers the basic application steps and what you need to provide.

CHILD & BABY PASSPORTS UK: If you are wondering whether your baby need a passport to travel overseas, the simple answer is yes.

You cannot legally take your child abroad unless they have their own passport.

Even though toddlers change size and develop new features over the first few years after birth, their individual passport will be valid for five years, as a rule.

The general advice is to apply for your baby's new passport at least two months in advance because the system may take a long time to process.

The baby passport form is available online or at any Post Office branch offering the passport check and send service.

You will need to print the baby passport form (or have it mailed to you) and the full steps for a baby passport application UK are available online at

Apply for Baby's Passport

This is what you will need to make an application for a separate passport for your baby;

The rules about the professional signing the back of the photo means they also should sign the form confirming that they have known you for a minimum of two years. Accepted professionals include an accountant, journalist, dentist, teacher, police officers, or solicitors - for example.

As a rule new baby passports take around three to four weeks to arrive. Nevertheless, the length of time could increase during peak periods. The one-week fast track service costs around £87 but you will need to make a prior appointment to use this service (appointments are typically three weeks in advance).

Getting a Baby Passport Photo

The guidelines for photographs used in baby passports are clear. Your child or baby’s passport needs to show their face against a plain cream or plain light grey background so that the facial features are easily visible. The rules allow your baby's mouth to be open and they can smile as much as they like.

There is no particular requirement for the eyes to be facing into the camera lens. Of course, these rules are very different from passport photos for adults and older children.

Tip for Getting a Baby Passport: Try to capture a picture of your baby while he is sleeping if he is younger than one year because it is not required that his eyes are open.

You might prefer to take a digital photo of your baby at home and then have it professionally converted into a passport photo. If you take your baby’s passport photo in a public booth, the child must be alone in the picture which means photo booths can be difficult to use regarding the correct height for the frame and make sure there are no toys or dummies in shot.

A professional high-street photographer or local pharmacy is a good alternative using a plain white sheet or beanbag for his photographic moment of stardom.

Getting a Baby Passport; UK Rules Updated 2017