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Environmental Management and Issues

Environment and Countryside

This section lists the topics which relate human activities with our environment and countryside.

ENVIRONMENT ISSUES: Planet Earth needs effective and sustainable environmental resource management.

Find out how our society impacts the wildlife, biodiversity, and landscape in the United Kingdom.

The aim of environmental management is to protect and maintain ecosystems for future generations.

In essence, it needs to balance the relationship between our needs and what we want.

Environmental Management

UK Fishing Laws and Permissions GuideFishing Laws

FISHING RULES: This informative section covers the United Kingdom fishing laws and byelaws. You can find out whether you need a rod licence and what extra permissions you might need to fish in your local area.

Laws for Hunting and Shooting Wildlife GuideHunting Laws

FIREARMS CERTIFICATE: The police issue shotgun and firearm certificates. You cannot acquire, buy, or possess a firearm or shotgun without a firearms licence. You also need a certificate to buy ammunition.

HUNTING RULES: The rules for hunting and shooting wildlife are often controversial. But you can get a fine for illegal hunting in the UK. You can also receive a jail sentence if certain animals suffer while you hunt and shoot. Find out how to follow hunting rules and avoid imprisonment.

Preparing for Emergencies: Local Councils GuidePreparing for Emergencies

EMERGENCY PLAN: Each local council emergency plan is set up to cover major incidents. Find out how councils prepare for emergencies such as flu pandemics, transport accidents, and flooding.

Wildlife and Biodiversity Regulations GuideWildlife

WILDLIFE LAWS: Information on wildlife and biodiversity enforcement laws. Further advice covers government protection of the natural environment in England and the United Kingdom.

Environmental Management and Countryside Legislation in the United Kingdom