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Crime and Reporting Suspected Crimes

Types of Crimes: How to Report Crime

There are many different types of crime and illegal activities in the United Kingdom. Even though people react to crime in different ways you need to know how to report crimes and get support.

REPORTING SUSPECTED CRIMES: You should report minor and major crimes to the police.

Often, the police deal with the offenders of a minor crime by handing out:

Victims of minor incidents sometimes agree to accepting an apology. Even so, the police force can go ahead and charge someone after committing a minor crime.

The most violent crimes include murder, manslaughter, terrorism, rape, and sexual assault. Illegal criminality such as arson, burglary, and robbery are also commonplace in Britain.

Most Common Types of Crime in the UK

Fraud and cyber crime have now become the most common offences committed in the United Kingdom. The latest figures show that almost one in ten people (10%) fall victim to online fraud and cyber crime.

Authorities say over five million cyber offences take place each year in the country. That accounts for almost half of all the crime committed in the United Kingdom.

But, only a small fraction of these types of criminal offences get reported. Often, the victims feel too embarrassed to report crime to the police. They also feel that catching those responsible would be an unlikely outcome.

After a Crime gets Reported

Reporting suspected crimes to the police is the first step in catching offenders. The police will then decide whether they can investigate the case. Even so, some investigations may take a long time to complete and some criminal cases never get solved.

How to Deal with Illegal Activities

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Types of Crimes and How to Report Crime in the United Kingdom