The UK Rules
Money When You Recover Mental Capacity

Get Your Court Funds Money after Recovery

If you can manage your own finances you will be able to get your money from a Court Funds Office account. Find out how to get court funds money if you recover mental capacity.

There are several ways to get access to the money held in your court funds account. The first step is for the Court of Protection to determine that you made a recovery.

They need to decide your mental capacity has recovered and you are able to manage your finances. If it happens, the Court of Protection will either:

If You Need to Apply in Writing

If the Court of Protection tells you to apply in writing you will need to send:

Fill in the requested information and then send the completed form along with any supporting documents to:

Court Funds Office
SR43 3AB

Note: You can also choose to have the money paid into someone else's bank account. You must send a copy of a bank statement dated within 3 months (or a letter from their bank) to confirm their details.

Investments Held in Your CFO Account

There is a specific form to sell or transfer securities for a Court of Protection client. Use Form CFO SST1 to inform the Court Funds Office what to do with any investments they are holding on your behalf.

Note: Transferring investments, or money realised from their sale, can take longer than five (5) working days to process. You can contact the Court Funds Office for further information.


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After Transferring the Money

The Court Funds Office will close the account once the money gets transferred. The CFO will send you a statement that confirms the details of all final payments. You should get it within five days of closing your account.

How to Get Your Court Funds Money When You Recover Mental Capacity