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Deputy Supervision by the OPG

There are several means of supervision and support for deputies, often through home visits. Find out how you get supervised and how to contact Office of the Public Guardian.

OPG Supervision, Support and Home Visits

One of the roles of the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) is supervising court-appointed deputies.

The OPG have the authority to contact a deputy or pay them a visit. One purpose is to check that deputies are fulfilling their main obligations and responsibilities by using effective methods.

As a deputy, you can also get expert advice and support from the Office of the Public Guardian.

Note: The OPG has published an advice guide for court-appointed deputies who are looking after adults at risk.

How Deputies are Supervised

During their first year, new deputies receive a 'general' level of supervision from the OPG. Following that, people acting as a property and affairs deputy would move to 'minimal' supervision if (both):

Note: Significant differences apply after moving to the 'minimal' level of supervision. You pay lower deputy fees and you can write a shorter annual report than deputies who get 'general' supervision.

OPG Supervision Visits

It is not uncommon to get a visit from a Court of Protection visitor. If that happens, the purpose of their visit will be:

Note: As a rule, the visitor will not turn up unannounced. In most cases, they will call you beforehand to explain why they want to make a visit and then arrange a suitable date for the appointment.


Becoming a Deputy | Find out how the Court of Protection authorises deputies in the United Kingdom.

Accounts and Expenses | A guide to deputy accounting rules for making gifts and recording expenses.

How to Contact the OPG

You should inform the OPG if you plan to make an important decision on behalf of the person at risk. An example would be wanting to sell their property so you can move them into a care home.

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Deputy Supervision, Support, and Visits from the Office of the Public Guardian