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Community and Property Rules

For you to have a Legal Right about something, it will have to have been empowered by one of the lawmaking legal system.

LEGALITIES WITHIN THE COMMUNITY: There are certain challenges associated with Common Law in the United Kingdom.

The aim is to create safer communities and govern the legal rights to which we have access.

Community safety involves the use of special skills, superior knowledge and advanced techniques to help prevent and reduce crime in the UK.

Solving the innate problem of crime and violence is a constant challenge.

It means tackling disorder and fear to develop safer communities where we can visit, live, and work.

Community and Property Guide

Bouncer Laws and Regulations UK GuideBouncer Laws

RULES FOR BOUNCERS: They are a type of security guard who work as doormen at bars, clubs, and large social events. But they must follow bouncer laws and regulations - even in hostile encounters and confrontation.

Disability Rights UK GuideDisabilities

DISABILITY RIGHTS: What exactly are your rights if you have a disability? Which laws protect disabled people from discrimination in the United Kingdom?

Discrimination Rights UK GuideDiscrimination

DISCRIMINATION RIGHTS: Prejudicial or unjust treatment of divergent categories of people is discriminatory. Check out the guide that explains your discrimination rights in the United Kingdom.

UK Firework Laws and Regulations GuideFirework Laws

RULES ON FIREWORKS: UK Firework Laws restrict the safe use of lit sparklers and standard fireworks by the public. Strict fireworks legislation regulates all professional pyrotechnic displays. The pyrotechnic safety rules and regulations highlight the main United Kingdom fireworks law.

UK Fire Hydrant Rules and Regulations GuideFire Hydrants

FIRE HYDRANT RULES: Community Fire and Rescue Services have fire hydrant rules and regulations for access to firefighting dry riser appliances. There are also legal requirements for fire hydrant location and fire hydrant flow rate in the United Kingdom.

Fly-tipping Rules and Regulations GuideLitter Laws

LITTER & REFUSE RULES: It is an offence to drop or dispose of litter and waste products improperly. As a rule, district councils and local authorities regulate the UK littering laws and are required by legislation to keep land safe and clear of discarded garbage in their regions.

UK Parliament Petition Rules GuidePetitions

PARLIAMENT PETITION RULES: Learn how petitions work in the United Kingdom and discover the principles behind parliament petition wording and signatures with information on submitting a petition to your MP.

UK Raffle and Lottery Rules GuideRaffles

RAFFLE LAWS UK: Basic information for anyone selling numbered tickets to win prizes. Check out how to plan a lotto or raise money by running a raffle legally in the United Kingdom.

Community Safety Legislation in the United Kingdom