The UK Rules

How to Register as a CASC

The information in this section focuses on how to register as a community amateur sports club (CASC) in United Kingdom.

Find out whether your organisation would qualify and what documents you would need to submit the community amateur sports club registration form CASC (A1).

An amateur sports club needs to meet the eligibility criteria before it can be registered as a CASC. But, after registration you can get:

You must register with HM Revenue and Customs to get the benefits.

Money must be spent on 'qualifying purposes' to claim relief on the funds used to promote and provide facilities for eligible sports.

Note: Special rules apply when closing or deregistering a CASC. Only HMRC can remove a CASC from the register (called 'deregistration'). But, you will be able to 'close' it if enough club members vote and agree.

Eligibility to Register as a CASC

You would need to provide facilities for eligible sports (according to 'Sport England') and encourage people to take part in them to register as a community amateur sports club (CASC) in United Kingdom.

New rules taking full force from the 1st of April 2015 dictate that at least 50% of the members must participate. The CASC must also be:

What is a Governing Document?

This type of document sets out the principle purpose and structure of the sports club. So, similar to the one used when running a limited company, the 'memorandum and articles of association' must:

Note: Registered CASCs must be open to the whole community, including people of all ethnicities, nationalities, sexual orientations, sexes, ages, religions, beliefs, and ability. Exceptions apply where a certain level of physical ability is required to take part in a particular sport.

CASC Membership Fee Rules

The maximum charge for membership of a CASC is £31 per week. Any clubs that charge more than £10 a week need to provide financial help for people who are unable to pay (e.g. a discount).

CASC membership rules allow you to charge different fees for different types of club memberships (e.g. juniors, students). But, you must not discriminate against groups or any individuals.

'Amateur Basis' Organisation

All community amateur sports clubs need to be organised on an amateur basis, which means your CASC must:

Registering as a CASC (or charity)

The Charity Commission does not regulate CASCs. That is one reason why charities and tax rules do not apply to a registered CASC. So, you need to choose whether to register as a CASC or as a charity instead.

You can either use the online form or postal form CASC (A1) to register a club as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC).

Note: Withdrawing an application to register a CASC is not possible once the process has been started.

Information Needed for CASC (A1)

Only the 'authorised official' or a 'responsible person' can fill in the application form. You need to provide details of at least two (2) other officials (including their National Insurance and telephone numbers) and:

Some extra documents need sending within thirty (30) days of making an application. Send copies of:

Note: Send the information to the address written on the form and you should get a reply within a few weeks. Include a translation of any documents that are not written in English language.

If HMRC Refuse the Application

HM Revenue and Customs would give an explanation of the reasons behind a refusal and what needs to change. You can appeal against a decision made by HMRC within thirty (30) days if you believe it to be wrong.

Note: You would have a further thirty days to appeal to the tax tribunal if you disagree with the outcome. You can contact the HMRC charities helpline for extra help and information.

Register as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) in United Kingdom