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Filing an Application

Civil Partnership Dissolution Application

You would need to ask the court for a dissolution order (Form D8) to end your civil partnership. Check out how to file an application, pay the court fee, and where to send the application form.

FILE AN APPLICATION: As a rule, the dissolution process is easier and quicker when the ex-partner agrees to end the civil partnership.

The first step is filling in a dissolution application. You must include:

The next step depends on whether the ex-partner agrees to the dissolution of the partnership (or not).

If so, the court looks through the papers and usually makes a conditional order of dissolution. As a rule, it takes six (6) weeks from the date of the conditional order to make the dissolution final.

You can still end a civil partnership even if you do not know the current address of your ex-partner (or they are presumed as dead). But, you must try to find their address so the court can send them a copy of the dissolution order.

Note: Family Courts that deal with civil partnership dissolutions also have the application form. You must include the names and the dates of birth of any children (no matter what their ages).

Paying the Court Fee

There will be small claims court fees to pay when filing a dissolution application. Check to see whether you can get help with court fees if you are on a low income or getting benefits.

Pay by Phone Using a Debit or Credit Card

Having filed your application you will then get a telephone call from the court. The purpose will be to take your payment for the petition. So, you should include a letter giving them your contact number and requesting the phone call.

Paying by Post with a Cheque

You can also pay by postal methods by sending them a cheque with your petition. You would need to make the cheque payable to 'HM Courts and Tribunals Service'.

Sending the Application Forms

Here is a short recap of what you need to do after you have filled in the dissolution application forms:


Grounds for Ending a Civil Partnership | How to show a civil partnership has broken down 'irretrievably'.

Applying for a Conditional Order | It is the first of the 2 stages for getting a civil partnership dissolved.

Where You Need to Send the Forms

You will need to send the forms to the right court. You can search online for the nearest court dealing with civil partnership dissolution in your area.

How to File a Dissolution Application to End a Civil Partnership