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Visa Rules

UK Visa Rules and Regulations

A section listing the categories on the UK immigration rules on family settlement visas. Check further information on individual, tourist, and short stay visa applications.

VISA LAWS 2019: The UKVI is a department of the Home Office. It stands for United Kingdom Visas and Immigration.

The organisation has a huge responsibility to the country. It must ensure a culture of customer satisfaction for people who make a legal entry in to Great Britain.

The UK Visas and Immigration department is essential to the country. It operates with a strong emphasis on national security and public safety.

UKVI rule on millions of visa applications and settlement visas every year. This guide helps to explain how they determine those rulings and why.

There is further advice for those seeking family visas or a work visa in the United Kingdom. Find important information about sponsorship terms to visit and stay in Great Britain.

This section also provides guidance for anyone who wants to visit or stay in the United Kingdom. Get the latest information on what happens at border control.

United Kingdom Visa Rules

Family Visa GuideFamily Visa

FAMILY VISAS: A guide for those who are visiting the UK for 6 months or more. It includes visas for spousal partners and family members.

IF YOU SEPARATE: You cannot stay in the United Kingdom on a spouse visa when you separate or divorce. You must tell the Home Office if your visa is based on a relationship that has ended.

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Student Visa GuideStudent Visa

STUDENT VISAS: Information for those planning short-term study with details on Tier 4 visas for students.

Tuberculosis Test for UK Visa GuideTuberculosis Test

TB TEST FOR VISA: Find information on the tuberculosis test for visa application to the United Kingdom. Visa applicants can check if they need a TB test and find one of the approved clinics in the listed countries.

Visa Application Centres List and GuideVisa Application Centres

APPLY FOR UK VISA: Information on how to apply for a visa to the United Kingdom. The current information relates most to the online process of visa application for United Kingdom.

FAST TRACK APPLICATION: This guide explains how to get a faster decision on a visa application to the United Kingdom. Check out how long it takes, what forms to use, and the cost.

FIND A VISA CENTRE: Check the government list to find a UK visa application centre for your country. It lists the address, opening times, and their contact details.

Work Visa GuideWork Visa

WORK VISAS: A guide with information on paid and voluntary work visas (e.g. Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 5).

Visa Rules and Regulations in the United Kingdom