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Travel Advice Abroad

UK Travel Advice Abroad

Use this section as a checklist of the latest travel advice for travelling overseas. Read tips and guidance from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel advisory service.

FCO GUIDANCE: There is no shortage of travel advice websites. Most of them provide help and tips for British nationals who are going abroad.

So, where does all the authoritative travel information and up-to-date guidelines come from? The best resource for UK travellers is the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

FCO travel advice provides informative help for British nationals overseas.

The traveller checklist is an invaluable service. It helps UK citizens make informed decisions on foreign travel in another country.

Around 50 million British travellers make trips abroad each year. For many, it will be their first overseas trip. The majority of journeys are trouble-free.

Even so, the FCO also assess the risks of civil unrest, natural disasters, and terror attacks. It is wise to heed their advice against travelling to regions or countries with these issues.

They highlight the security guidelines to follow while traveling or living abroad. But, you will find other resources useful too (e.g. blogs, social media, and forums).

This help section is a checklist that contains essential UK travel advice abroad. The foreign travel advice and tips include situations of safety and security. It covers border entry requirements, health, and travel warnings.

A to Z Help Guide for Overseas Travel

How to Apply for a European Health Insurance Card in the United KingdomApply for a European Health Insurance Card

EHIC CARD: The process of renewing or applying for your free EHIC card is quick and simple. Check the guide to find out what it covers and how to use the card.

A Guide to Bringing Food, Animals or Plants into the UKBringing Animals or Goods into the UK

CUSTOMS IMPORT RESTRICTIONS: Strict customs rules apply if you are bringing in food, animals, or plants into the United Kingdom. This guide explains how the restrictions may apply to your arrival at the border.

DUTY FREE ALLOWANCES: As a rule you can bring duty free goods into the United Kingdom. But only when the allowances are not restricted. Check which items are subject to tax when you travel from abroad.

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A Guide to Claiming Benefits AbroadClaiming Benefits Abroad

BENEFITS OVERSEAS: You might be able to continue claiming benefits abroad even if you live or travel overseas. Check which countries have social security arrangements with the United Kingdom.

Hand Luggage Regulations OverseasHand Luggage Restrictions

HAND LUGGAGE ALLOWANCES: There are restrictions on what items you can take with you when you fly in to and out of the UK. Check the hand baggage and hold luggage restrictions when boarding a plane.

UK Pets Travel Scheme GuidePets Travel Scheme

PETS SCHEME: The section explains the rules for bringing a pet dog, cat, or a ferret into the United Kingdom. The PETS travel scheme covers the guidelines to take pets abroad either on a holiday or to live.

Foreign Travel Insurance GuidelinesTravel Insurance

INSURANCE: You will need comprehensive travel insurance if you are going to travel abroad. Check how foreign travel insurance works for British nationals when traveling overseas.

Travelling with Medication and Controlled Drugs Abroad GuidelinesTravelling with Medication Abroad

TRAVEL WITH DRUGS: The local laws on travelling with medication and controlled drugs overseas are complex. Check if you can take your medicine abroad and how to get a prescription licence.

A Guide to Compensation for Victims of Crime AbroadVictims of Crime Abroad

COMPENSATION: There are many different reasons why citizens make a claim for compensation. The section explains how to get a financial reward for a loss, damage caused, or for an injury suffered.

TERRORIST ACTS: Find out how to claim compensation for victims of terrorism abroad of the United Kingdom. Check the eligibility criteria and a list of recent acts of terrorism covered.

VICTIMS ABROAD: You can expect a visit to a country overseas to be free of trouble. Even so, it is important to know how to get help if you are the victim of crime abroad of the UK.

United Kingdom Travel Advice Abroad: Guide for British Travellers Overseas