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UK Passport Photo Rules and Photo Size

United Kingdom rules for passport photos are specific on size, format, and quality. This section explains passport photo rules for a visa or for a driving licence.

UK PASSPORT PHOTO: Any time you make a passport application you will need two (2) identical photos.

This rule applies even if there is no change in your facial appearance.

That means you will need to get a new photo each time you apply for a new passport.

It can delay the application if the photos fail to meet the UK passport rules.

Note: Extra help and free passport services for disabled people are available (e.g. deaf or blind persons).

UK Passport Photo Size

The exact size of your passport photos is very important. All photographs must:

Note: You can use a passport photo booth outside of the United Kingdom. But, it is wise to check it gives photographs measuring 35 mm wide by 45 mm high.

Passport Photo Quality Check

The quality of your passport photos is also very important. All photographs must be:

What Passport Photos Need to Show

United Kingdom passport photos rules are specific about what needs to show. Thus, each facial photograph must be:

  1. A close-up shot of a full head and upper shoulders.
  2. In clear contrast to the plain cream or light grey background.
  3. A picture containing no other objects or any other people.

Photos Size Requirements for Passports in the United KingdomWhen you get a photo for a passport application you must:

Note: Rules for passport photos do not allow wearing sunglasses or tinted spectacles. But, you may wear reading glasses in a passport photo UK. If so, your eyes must show fully through clear lenses and without any glare or reflections.

British Passport Photo Image Size

An image of your face runs from the crown of your head to your chin. The image size for passport photos must measure between 29mm and 34mm high.

Dos and Don'ts on Passport Pics

Sending Passport Photos by Post

There are some general rules for posting passport photographs with an application. If you use postal methods the photos must be:

  1. Sent loose and not stuck or stapled as an attachment to the application form.
  2. In single format and already separated from each other.

Passport Photo for Baby UK (and child)

Passport Photo Rules in the United Kingdom