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Adult Passports

How to Get Your First Adult Passport

There are several steps to follow when you apply for your first adult passport in the UK. Check out who qualifies for a British passport, how long the process takes, how much it costs, and what documents you need.

Who Can Apply for a British Passport?

In fact, only citizens with British nationality have eligibility to make an application for a British passport.

But, once you have the official document, an adult passport stays valid for a period of ten (10) years. You can apply for your first adult passport if:

What if you already have a child passport? In this case, you can continue to use it until it expires. This rule applies to any adult even if they are older than 18.

You might already have an old black or blue passport. If so, you should follow the same process for getting a first adult passport.

Note: The rights and status of EU citizens living in the United Kingdom remain unchanged until 2021. You and your family will be able to apply for settled status to continue living in the UK beyond June 2021. The scheme opens in March 2019.

A Guide to Getting a First Adult Passport

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Adult Passport Fees, Ways to Apply, and How Long the Process TakesAdult Passport Fees and How to Apply

The cost to apply online for a standard adult first passport is £75.50. If you apply with a paper form from a Post Office it will cost £85. Read through the adult passport application process and check how long it takes.

Photos and Documents Needed for Adult PassportsPhotographs and Documentation

Check what photos and documents you need to send to get an adult passport. The required documentation differs depending on where you were born - in or out of the United Kingdom.

Passport InterviewsPassport Interviews

HMPO can ask you to attend a passport interview at one of their offices in the United Kingdom. The guide explains how passport interviews work and how to book an appointment.

Passport Tracking ServicesTracking a Passport Application

There are several ways to check the status of a passport after applying. It depends on whether you want to track a new passport or the renewal or replacement of an existing one.

Procedures to Get a First Passport for an Adult in the United Kingdom