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Immigration and Visa Laws

UK Immigration and Visa Laws

A guide with the most current information on visa and immigration laws in the United Kingdom. Find out who has the legal right to visit or stay in the United Kingdom.

IMMIGRATION LAWS UK 2017: The UKVI is part of the Home Office. It stands for United Kingdom Visas and Immigration.

The organisation has a huge responsibility to the country. It must ensure a culture of customer satisfaction for people who make a legal entry in to Great Britain.

The UK Visas and Immigration department is essential to the country. It operates with a strong emphasis on national security and public safety.

UKVI rule on millions of visa applications and settlement visas every year. This guide helps to explain how they determine those rulings and why.

There is further advice for those seeking asylum in the United Kingdom. The UK asylum process has strict rules to follow if you are claiming asylum as a refugee.

Find important information about sponsorship terms to visit and stay in Great Britain. This section also provides guidance for anyone arriving in the United Kingdom. Get the latest information on what happens at border control.

Immigration Rules in the United Kingdom

Arriving in the UK Visa RulesArrival

ARRIVING IN THE UK: What happens when you are arriving in the United Kingdom at airports and at ferry ports? You must have valid credentials and you may need to get an entry visa.

Claiming Asylum as a Refugee RulesAsylum

ASYLUM LAW UK: The complex asylum rules and regulations can be difficult to follow. This basic asylum law guide will help displaced persons understand the support process.

Biometric Residence Permit RulesBiometric Residence Permit

BRP RULES: Check to see if the new biometric residence permits apply to your situation. The guide explains how a BRP stores your personal data and how to report a problem.

Family VisasFamily Visa

FAMILY VISAS: A guide for those who are visiting the UK for 6 months or more. It includes visas for spousal partners and family members.

Passport Photos Rules GuidePassport Photos

UK PASSPORT PHOTO: The United Kingdom rules for passport photos are specific on size, format, and quality. Use the guide to check passport photos rules for a visa or a driving licence.

Contact UK Visas and ImmigrationUK Visas and Immigration

CONTACT UKVI: You can contact UK visas and immigration from inside and outside the United Kingdom. But, the staff at the centre are unable to give advice about any personal circumstances.

Applying for UK Visa RulesVisas

UNITED KINGDOM VISA RULES: A list of categories for visa rules and regulations in the United Kingdom. It includes information on getting a settlement Visa in Britain. Extra details cover sponsorship terms to visit and stay in Great Britain.

There is more information on the UK border control. It explains how they conduct passport checks when you go through customs. Find out what happens if you are transiting through the country or need to perform layovers.

Voluntary Returns Service RulesVoluntary Returns Service

RETURN HOME VOLUNTARILY: UKVI use the voluntary returns service to send people home if they do not have the legal right to stay in the UK. Check how you may get help when returning to your own country.

REPORTING CENTRES: Some people arrive in the United Kingdom without permission to stay in the country. As a rule, they will need to attend appointments at one of the immigration reporting centres.

UK Visa and Immigration Laws: List of Categories and Overview