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How to Apply for a UK Visa Online

This section explains how to apply for a UK visa. The current information relates most to the United Kingdom visa application online process.

APPLYING FOR A UK VISA: The online application process is for those who are outside the United Kingdom.

Note: This also includes the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

Reasons to apply for a UK visa online include:

Before Applying Online

The first step in the procedure is checking what kind of visa you should apply for. Then you can determine what specific documents you will need to complete the process.

Tuberculosis (TB) Test

Depending on which country you are applying from you may need to get a test for Tuberculosis (TB). Check the information about the TB test for UK visa application and listed countries.

There are several further steps to prepare when you apply online. You will need to:

Note: You do not need to complete the form at the first attempt. The facility allows you to save the application document so you can finish it another time.

How to Apply for UK Visa OnlineApplying for UK Visas

The type of service you use will depend on which visa you apply for.

Applying for Visit or Transit Visa UK (short stay)

Note: To apply for a visit or transit visa you would need to choose a UK visit or short stay visa as part of the UK Visas and Immigration website.

All other Types of UK Visas

There is a different process for all other types of visas. Make an application using the Visa4UK service if you plan to study or work in the United Kingdom. Apply for all other visas by following these two steps:

  1. If you are applying for the first time you need to 'create an account on Visa4UK'.
  2. Once you have an account you can then sign in to Visa4UK to make a UK visa application online.

United Kingdom Visa Application: How to Apply for a UK Visa