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Property Ownership Laws

Property Ownership Law in the UK

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you can make. This section lists property ownership laws and the legalities to consider when owning a property.

The key topics include how to report acts of vandalism to buildings or land and the process of updating property records when someone dies.

UK PROPERTY LAW: There will be no shortage of legal responsibilities once you own your home.

As a property owner, you will be responsible for all maintenance costs. That includes any necessary major structural repairs and a host of routine repairs.

As a rule, there will be tax implications when you sell a property. You may need to update the property records when someone dies.

Public information about a registered property or land is available if it is in England or Wales. You can get this information even if you do not own the land or property.

Basic Guide to Owning a Property

Affordable Home Ownership Schemes

Many young homeseekers dismiss buying a property believing that they cannot afford it. Even so, several affordable home ownership schemes can help first-time buyers buy a property.

Reporting Vandalism to Property

You should contact your local council to report vandalism to property or to land. At this time, the online service is only available in England and Wales.

Support for Mortgage Interest

MIRO Rules

In some cases, Mortgage Interest Run On benefit can provide financial help with housing costs. It may apply when certain income-based benefits are about to stop.

SMI Rules

The Support for Mortgage Interest scheme can help to cover the cost of mortgage and loan interest payments. Find out what you could get if you are be a homeowner.

Updating Property Records

Property Records

There are several different ways of updating property records when someone dies. Check how to update property records or transfer a registered property after a death.

Property Search

You can search for property information online through HM Land Registry. The search tool covers England and Wales even if you do not own the property.

Property Ownership Rules and Regulations in United Kingdom