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Planning Permissions and Building Regulations

Planning Permission: Building Regulations

There is one principle purpose of acquiring planning permission. It is to enhance the way cities, towns, and the countryside are developed.

There are several key differences between building regulations and planning permissions. The information in this section is for those requiring permission or making an appeal.

PLANNING PERMISSION: As a rule, some form of permission is needed to alter a property or carry out building work.

Even so, UK planning and building regulations approval regimes are not always clear and straightforward.

In some cases, there will be compliance responsibilities to understand and acknowledge. These apply most to the UK construction health and safety regulations.

Ensuring the safety and health of people in or around those buildings is the paramount concern for planning authorities.

That is why there are building regulations in the United Kingdom. They set minimum standards for design and for the construction of domestic properties and buildings.

Another factor is a requirement to ensure power and fuel gets conserved. There may be extra access facilities needed for those with disabilities to move around inside the building.

Often, permissions restrict the use of land and buildings in the general environment. They limit or dictate the appearance of buildings, access to highways, and landscaping.

Because there is a difference between building regulations and planning permission, you may need to apply for separate permissions. That said, some building work requires buildings regulations approval, but not planning permission.

Building and Planning Permission Guide

Note: Always contact the local planning authority or one of the building control bodies for expert advice.

Advertisement Displays

Check how to appeal against a planning consent decision to display advertising. Find out the appeals process if you get refused and what documents you need.

Householder Planning

Your local planning authority makes decisions about householder planning applications.

Listed Building

Your local planning authority makes decisions about listed building consent applications.

Planning Permission

England and Wales

Information in the help guide explains what to do when you need planning permission. Find out where to apply and what may count as permitted development (PD).

Planning Decision

Use the appeal Planning Inspectorate to make an appeal or search for an LPA decision. You can also make a public comment on a planning notice or a planning decision.

Planning Appeal Costs

Do you feel there was 'unreasonable behaviour' during your planning appeal? If so, find out when and how to claim planning appeal costs and what type of award you could get.

Scaffolding Rules

The design, erection, and dismantling of scaffold equipment is not for DIY enthusiasts. Follow these basic scaffolding rules and regulations for safety and compliance.

Planning Permissions and Building Regulations in United Kingdom