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Local Councils and Services

The political makeup of the local councils in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is complex. But it comprises principal, local, and regional authorities called local councils.

LOCAL COUNCILS: The complex pattern of local authorities extend through local government in England.

The roles and distribution of functions vary according to the local arrangements in your area.

As a rule your council is responsible for providing local services and specialised facilities. The amount of coverage you get depends on where you live.

This section helps you search for, and get access to, all aspects of local councils and their regional services.

Find and Access Local Council Services

Alcohol Licensing In Your Local Area GuideAlcohol Licensing

APPLY FOR ALCOHOL LICENCE: You will need a licence if your premises or events include the sale or supply of alcohol. Check out the process to apply for Alcohol Licensing in your area.

Appeal a Decision about a Tree Preservation Order GuideAppeal Against TPO Order

APPEAL AGAINST TPO: Find out how to appeal a decision about a tree preservation order or replacement order decision. Check how long the appeals process takes and the deadlines for appealing a TPO decision.

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Community Support Groups and Organisations GuideCommunity Support Group

BEREAVEMENT SERVICES: Your local council bereavement services can help you to find resources and support. They have experts trained in helping people cope with a death.

ORGANISATIONS: The council has details of any community support groups and organisations available in your neighbourhood. Contact them to check what help and support is accessible in your area.

Apply for Direct Payments GuideDirect Payments

APPLY FOR DIRECT PAYMENTS: In some cases you can apply for direct payments from social services. The payments can be for you or someone that you care for. The system lets you choose the services that you need most instead of the council arranging them.

Dog Warden Service GuideDog Warden Service

MISSING DOG: You can check to see if your local council has your missing dog. If you live in England or wales you can also report your missing or lost dog to their dog warden service.

Find Your Local Council GuideYour Local Council

COMPLAINTS: You can complain to the council authority online. Use the service if they did something wrong, failed to provide a service, or failed to follow the correct procedures.

COUNCILS: You can search online to find your local council on the GOV.UK website. You will need a postcode to locate the nearest local authority in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

LEAVING CARE: Councils support care leavers when leaving foster or local authority care. Check what happens when you leave care and what your local council must do to help.

LIBRARIES: Search for local library services online. You could get access to facilities such as CD rentals, ebook downloads, and free Internet access.

LOCAL ARCHIVES: The record office holds data on the history and heritage of each area. You can search local archives as part of research into family history, house history, and local studies.

MOBILITY AIDS: You can apply to the council for help or mobility equipment if you need to adapt your home because of a disability or old age.

NEEDS ASSESSMENT: You can get a health and social care assessment by social services. It helps to determine what support you need (e.g. equipment, healthcare, or help in your home).

How to Organise a Street Party GuideStreet Party

STREET PARTIES: Get the rules and regulations for organising a street party in the United Kingdom. Find out how to inform your local council to get insurance and licences for food and music.

Local Councils and Getting Access to Council Services