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Housing and Services

Housing and Local Services

Find out about local government housing rules and regional services around the United Kingdom. There is extra information about building laws, noise issues, emergency planning, and pet problems.

HOUSING RULES & LOCAL SERVICES: We explain the all-important laws about owning or renting a room from a landlord.

You can find guidance and explanations about the regulations relating to your local council services.

This also includes planning and building laws, as well as dealing with neighbours in a way that follows the law.

That means knowing how to report noise problems without physical confrontation. This section also includes legislative solutions for annoyances caused by pets and animals.

Housing Rules Guide

A-Z UK Rules and RegulationsA to Z of UK Rules

UK RULES A-Z: Knowledge is powerful! Browse the full alphabetical list on the UK rule of law and regulations.

Local Councils and Services GuideCouncils

LOCAL COUNCILS: The roles and distribution of functions vary according to the local arrangements in your area. Find and get access to your local councils and their regional services.

Council Housing Rules GuideCouncil Housing

COUNCIL HOUSE RULES: Find out about council housing rules and housing association regulations. There is extra information and advice on sheltered housing and shared ownership.

COUNCIL & HOUSING ASSOCIATION EVICTIONS: Find out the legal procedures in the council and housing association eviction process.

Council Tax Rules GuideCouncil Tax

COUNCIL TAX RULES: Local authorities levy a tax on households called Council Tax. Levies get based on the how many people live in the domestic property and its estimated value.

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Emergency Housing If Homeless GuideEmergency Housing

APPLY FOR EMERGENCY HOUSING: You might get help and advice from a regional council if you are going to lose your home or homeless. You can apply for help from the council at Shelter Scotland for that region.

LEGALLY HOMELESS: The council must help those with legal homelessness. Find out how to get emergency housing if you are homeless in the United Kingdom.

Landlords Renting Rooms GuideLandlords

LANDLORDS RENTING ROOMS: The regulations for a landlord who rents out a room to a tenant follow strict rules of conduct including tenancy agreements, the deposit protection scheme, and when evicting the occupiers from the property.

Planning Permissions and Building Regulations GuidePlanning Permissions

BUILDING REGULATIONS: PLANNING PERMISSION: There are several key differences between building regulations and planning permissions. The section is for those requiring permission or making an appeal.

Private Renting Eviction GuidePrivate Renting Eviction

EVICTION PROCESS: A simple guide explaining the eviction process for private tenants in the United Kingdom. The information covers private renting for tenants and evictions procedures.

EVICTION COURT HEARINGS: What is a court possession hearing? Most court hearings for tenant eviction get held at a county court where a judge decides whether you should get evicted or not.

EVICTION NOTICES: The first step of eviction is getting written notice from the landlord to leave the property. The type of tenancy you have often determines how much notice you get.

UK Property Ownership Law GuideProperty Ownership

OWNING A PROPERTY: Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you can make. Find a list of UK property ownership laws and legal things to consider when owning a property.

House Repossession Process GuideRepossessions

HOUSE REPOSSESSION: A guide explaining the legal process of house repossession and repossession hearings. Find out what your mortgage lender must do and how to get help with your legal costs.

Squatting and the Law GuideSquatting and the Law

SQUATTERS RIGHTS: A simple guide explaining squatting and the law on squatting and squatters. You can also find information about removing squatters from property in the United Kingdom.

Housing and Local Services in the United Kingdom