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Public Health

Public Health Matters

What is public health? UK Government promote and regulate the physical and mental wellness of the population. Matters of public health relate to the science and protection of families and communities.

UK PUBLIC HEALTH: This part deals with the promotion and protection of healthy lifestyles. In depth research explains how to protect against disease and prevent injuries.

The challenge to improve public health in the United Kingdom focuses on the detection and control of infectious diseases.

Use this section to learn how public health matters to everyone. It's about staying healthy and protecting ourselves from poor health threats.

How do we achieve a high level of public health in our nation? The first step is all about making healthier choices.

The second step uses medical methods to reduce risk and medicine to minimize the impact of illness and injury.

Public Health England

What do Public Health England do that improves physical and mental wellness of the population as a whole? PHE comprises scientists and public health professionals. They protect and improve health, wellbeing, and help to reduce health inequalities.

Public Health England was first established in 2013. The health department continues to work closely with medical specialists around the United Kingdom and internationally.

Issues in Public Health

Diseases Information and AdviceDiseases

WELLBEING: The information in this section is all about health protection and wellbeing. Knowing the symptoms and causes of common diseases and conditions can speed up recovery.

Motherhood Information and AdviceMotherhood

BREASTFEEDING IN PUBLIC PLACES: Can a woman breastfeed in public? What is UK Law towards nursing a baby and breastfeeding at work? The Equality Act 2010 clarifies public breastfeeding laws in the United Kingdom.

Obesity Information and AdviceObesity

OBESITY IS A DISABILITY: In 2014 the European Court of Justice ruled obesity as a disability. In particular they classed its physical or mental effects as disabilities in the workplace. The potentially explosive judgment relates most to staff and employees who are obese.

WEIGHT LOSS RULE GUIDE: Following these simplified principles and 10 rules for shedding body fat can lead to sustainable weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. Despite not having the secret pill you might have hoped for, and even though substantial weight loss does not occur naturally overnight, there are some basic and recognised health rules which will push you in the right direction for faster results.

Sunburn Treatment and Prevention AdviceSunburn

SUNBURN REMEDIES: The sun shines and it feels great to get outdoors. But, that also increases the risk of sunburn. Use this list of handy tips for sunburn treatment and prevention of too much sun exposure.

Walking Information and AdviceWalking

BENEFITS OF WALKING: Follow this 9 step guide and get all these health benefits from a daily walk. Take a stroll and see what happens to your body from walking daily exercises.

CHRONOLOGY OF A BRISK WALK: This section explains about the chronology of brisk walking. Find out exactly what happens to your body when you walk briskly for one hour and how it helps weight loss.

Public Health Matters and Wellness Issues in the United Kingdom