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Health Care and Wellness Laws

Information and advice for personally taking charge of your own physical and mental health care with these simple wellness guidelines.

HEALTH & WELLBEING: We intend to offer personal and public health tips with expert advice from medical professionals.

It includes general regulations on how to control and influence your wellbeing.

We cover topics regarding health and wellness regulations at work, at home, and during leisure time.

This section aims to provide tips and guidance on the most important medical matters. You might say 'your health is your wealth'.

Health and Wellness Guide

Blood Safety Rules and Regulations GuideBlood

BLOOD SAFETY RULES: Giving blood may be harmful for you or the person receiving it. The UK blood donation rules have some restrictions with special guidelines for those who wish to apply for donor eligibility.

Food Laws and Regulations GuideFood

FOOD SAFETY UK: A mass of statutory laws govern food safety and hygiene rules in the United Kingdom. Check out the section listing food safety regulations and foodstuffs codes of practice.

FOOD SAFETY REGULATIONS: Food Imitation Products are dangerous 'child appealing' imitations which may be banned according to amendments of the children safety directive 87/357/EEC. Despite not being law in 2014, EU governments plan to introduce new rules which could ban the sales of so-called 'child appealing products'.

Home Health and Wellbeing Rules GuideHome

HOME HEALTH RULES: Accident prevention advice is the focus of this section covering health and safety risks at home, outdoors, and especially near water. Your house might seem an unlikely place for danger, but in fact it is the place for most accidents.

Medical Laws and Legislation GuideMedical

MEDICAL LAWS: Rules and regulations which affect medical law, therapeutic medicines, and pharmaceutical ethics are a fascinating field of study in the United Kingdom. Advances in medical research and new technologies are constantly shifting the boundaries of medicine and corrective therapy in our lives.

Mental Health and Wellness Rules GuideMental Health

MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES: All mental health illnesses relate to someone's psychological or emotional wellbeing. Check out a guide addressing the most common mental health problems with tips and advice.

Public Health and Wellness Rules GuidePublic Health

PUBLIC HEALTH MATTERS: This part deals with the promotion and protection of healthy lifestyles. In depth research explains how to protect against disease and prevent injuries. The challenge to improve public health in the United Kingdom focuses on the detection and control of infectious diseases.

Disclaimer: Content in health sections of this website is for informational purposes only and not a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation. The information does not create a doctor-patient relationship and you should consult with a doctor regarding any questions or issues you may have about your own health or the health of others.

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