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Fuel Duty

Fuel Duty: Tax on Fuel in the UK

Buying petrol, diesel, or other fuels used for heating or vehicles is a daily occurrence for many. Check the list to see how the price of common fuels include Fuel Duty UK.

FUEL DUTY TAX: The tax on fuel often gets called hydrocarbon oil duty or fuel duty.

Either way, the fuel tax gets levied on most fuels used in motor vehicles in the United Kingdom.

There are some exceptions. They include some bus services, farm vehicles, and aviation. The operators will pay reduced fuel duty tax or no tax on fuel whatsoever.

The standard rate of 20% VAT is also payable on most fuels. Domestic heating fuel rates use the reduced VAT rate of 5%.

Fuel duty rates depend on what type you buy. Different rates apply to other fuel types dependent on how they get used.

You must not use 'rebated oils' in a vehicle on public roads and highways. The penalties for doing so can result in a fine and having the vehicle confiscated. Rebated oils include power sources such as red diesel and kerosene.

Note: You can report incidents online to HMRC Fraud Hotline if you believe red diesel is being used on public roads.

Fuel Duty Rates 2018

Warning: HM Revenue and Customs have the power to do spot checks on vehicles at public events. Many diesel owners use their vehicles for the transportation of animals. This includes activities such as Fox Hunting meets, Show Jumping events, and Point-to-Points.

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Fuel Duty Rates in the United Kingdom