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Where to Get Help with Tax Problems

UK taxation can be a little taxing at times. This helpful guide is for those who need some help with tax issues or have problems with their taxes.

TAX HELP: This section is all about getting help. That includes help for allowances, your tax returns, tax codes, and filling in forms.

There is extra help for those who have problems understanding how Self Assessment works.

You can also find some essential advice that explains what to do if you owe money to HM Revenue and Customs.

There is no doubt that many people struggle with their tax matters. They find taxes confusing and they are unsure where to get help to solve a tax problem.

So, take a deep breath and check out these methods of getting tax help. This guide lists the most common ways to provide tax help and advice for the majority.

Get Help from Your Employer

It may not seem like the most obvious person to contact for help with a tax problem. But, all employees should first consider asking their employer for advice. They can often solve a tax code problem or fix a PAYE issue.

How to Get Help from HMRC

Try contacting HM Revenue and Customs for most of the simple queries about taxation. But, you should definitely contact HMRC without delay:

  • If you cannot pay your tax bill on time (before the deadline).
  • If you either dispute or disagree with a tax decision.
  • If you want help dealing with HMRC if you have additional needs (e.g. you cannot speak English or you have a disability).

Helping People On a Low Income

There may be occasions where HM Revenue and Customs are unable to get involved. Even so, those on a low income (less than £380 a week) might qualify for free professional advice.

It can include filling in forms and finding solutions for those who owe money to HMRC. In this situation you could try contacting:

  • TaxAid: Specialists in helping with business or personal taxation.
  • Tax Help for Older People: For seniors who are over 60 and have problems with their personal taxes.

Assistance from Family or Friends

Giving permission to a friend or a family member can be very helpful at times. You can ‘appoint a trusted helper‘ to deal with HMRC for you.

Their role can include viewing Income Tax estimates and discussing your tax matters. Helping you to fill in tax forms can also be of great comfort for some older people.

Advice from a Tax Professional

You can hire an accountant or appoint a tax adviser to get help with your tax. Most will provide services for filling in Self Assessment tax returns. They can also offer expert advice on running a small business by yourself.

Consider hiring a chartered accountant. They are all qualified members of a professional entity. A legal adviser or a solicitor can also be helpful for complex cases.

They will be experts in issues like Inheritance Tax and taxes on buying or selling property. The Law Society is one of the best places to find a solicitor.

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