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Kindertransport Pension Rules for UK

Law changes in 2008 mean Kindertransportees may qualify for an increased State Pension. This page explains the relationship between Kindertransport and the UK State Pension.

KINDERTRANSPORT PENSION: Groups of children arrived in the United Kingdom from Germany before World War Two.

Many of these refugees remained in this country and paid towards a UK State Pension.

These Kindertransport children may benefit most from new legislation introduced in 2008.

Germany changed their pension laws in the 1990s. The changes mean Kindertransportees can now get a German state pension.

But, their UK insurance record for the years prior to 1948 affect their new German state pension. You may benefit by having the UK insurance record removed from your pension record.

Note: You will qualify for a higher German state pension by removing the years before 1948.

Kindertransport Pension Eligibility Criteria

You may have eligibility if all these conditions apply to your situation:

The International Pension Centre can amend your UK State Pension insurance. Being eligible for this amendment will not affect the UK State Pension that you receive.

What happens if the Kindertransportee has since died? In this case, any surviving spouses may get the benefit instead. Some children may also qualify but it depends on how long ago their parent died.

Apply for Kindertransport Pension Change

Do you think you can benefit from the changes to Kindertransport pensions rules? If so, you should contact the International Pension Centre to get further information.

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Kindertransport Pension Rules in the United Kingdom