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Contracts of Employment

The agreement made between an employer and their employee is the basis of the employment relationship.

EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS: It is not uncommon for contracts of employment to be a verbal understanding rather than a legal written document.

As a rule, even though unwritten contracts may be legally valid, it is clearer and safer if the contacts exist in the written form.

This guide includes information on the different types of worker.

You can also find advice about employee rights, working issues relating to overtime, and changes to workers' employment contracts

Employment Contracts

Anti-bribery PolicyAnti-bribery Policies

ANTI-BRIBERY POLICY: Employers should consider protecting yourself, and anyone who works for you, from being exposed to bribery risks by putting an anti-bribery policy in place to help protect your business. Within the United Kingdom it is illegal to receive or accept bribes, offer, promise, give, request, or agree to a bribe.

Anti-bribery policies should reflect the level of risk facing your business and should also include your approach to reducing and controlling risks, clarify the rules about accepting gifts, guidance on how to conduct your business (e.g. negotiating contracts), rules on avoiding or stopping conflicts of interest, and clarity on business hospitality or donations. Ensure that your staff understand the policy details and monitor or review it regularly.

Business Support on the Phone and Online GuideBusiness Support (Phone and Online)

BUSINESS HELP: The United Kingdom provides helpful advice for all employers starting and running a business, or for businesses dealing with exports and exporting. You can get support either over the phone or via the internet - online.

Telephone: 0300 456 3565
Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm

Construction Industry Scheme Tax GuideConstruction Industry Scheme

CIS TAX GUIDE: The Construction Industry Scheme is one of the special tax deduction schemes. As a rule, tax gets deducted at source from CIS payments relating to building work.

Continuous Employment GuideContinuous Employment

WHAT IS IT? Being 'continuously employed' for a minimum period influences certain rights for working employees. But, the beginning and end dates of continuous employment determine your individual rights.

Rest Breaks at Work GuideEmployee Ownership Businesses

EMPLOYEE OWNERSHIP: Most employee owned businesses tend to be highly productive and innovative. That's because all employees own a 'significant and meaningful' financial stake in the company.

Contract Types and Employer Responsibilities GuideEmployment Contract

CONTRACT TYPES: It is important for employers to understand the key differences in employment contracts. This guide explains how different contract types affect employer responsibilities.

CONTRACT CHANGES: There are various reasons for making changes to employment contract terms and conditions. Both parties need to understand their rights before getting the contract changed.

EMPLOYMENT STATUS: It defines the basic rights and responsibilities people have in the workplace. Find out the work rights for the main types of employment status in the United Kingdom.

PREVENTING DISCRIMINATION: All employers must prevent unlawful discrimination in the workplace. Find out how preventing discrimination applies to recruitment and in employment.

SUNDAY WORK: Sunday working is standard procedure for most betting shops and retail staff. But, it is important to understand your rights and the rules for working on Sundays.

WORK RELOCATION LAWS: What are your rights if your employer moves the company location? A lot depends on whether there is a 'mobility clause' written in the employment contract.

Flexible Working GuideFlexible Working

FLEXIBLE WORKING HOURS FOR WORKERS: Having flexible working hours suits many employees and some employers, but it's not the rule of thumb in the United Kingdom. Choosing your own start and finish times and whether you act from an office or from home, appeals to much of the British workforce.

Holiday Entitlement GuideHoliday Entitlement

PAID HOLIDAY: Information in the holiday entitlement section is useful for workers and employers. Use the guide to check holiday pay rights and calculate leave entitlement.

Part-time Workers' Rights GuidePart-time Workers' Rights

WORKING PART-TIME - YOUR RIGHTFUL ENTITLEMENTS: A part time worker is an individual who is paid in relation to the partial or total hours worked, and is commonly less hours than someone who works full time.

Contracts of Employment and Staff Working Rights Overview