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Tax Credits Payment Dates 2018

Important Information about Tax Credits Payment Dates for 2018Tax Credit payments are regular. You should always get your next payment 1 week or 4 weeks after the previous one.

But, what you want to know is 'when is my next Tax Credits payment'?

Use this guide to check your upcoming payment dates and find out when you should receive them.

The UK Government sends out Tax credit payments every week, or in some cases, every 4 weeks. When you first claim Tax Credits, you have a choice between getting paid weekly and every four weeks.

The Tax Credits payment table shows when you should expect the money. There is further information explaining how to find out the amount you will get paid.

Note: You may receive early Tax Credit payments if the due date is a Bank Holiday in the United Kingdom.

Tax Credits New Claim

Processing a new claim for tax credits can take up to 5 weeks. Once your claim is successful you will receive an award notice sent to you by post. The award notice informs you of the first tax credits payments date.

Tax Credit Payment Bank Holiday Dates

As a rule each payment follows the previous payment periodically. But it may get paid early if your next due date falls on a bank holiday.

Tax Credits Benefit Bank Holiday Payment Dates 2018UK public holidays include Easter time or days during Christmas and New Year festive season celebrations.

Tax Credits Due Dates 2018 Tax Credits Payment Dates
17 March 2017 16 March
20 March 2017 17 March (England, Wales, Scotland)
14 April 2017 (Good Friday) 13 April
17 April 2017 (Easter Monday) 13 April
01 May 2017 (Early May Bank Holiday) 28 April
29 May 2017 (Spring Bank Holiday) 26 May
12 July 2017 (Battle of the Boyne) 11 July
13 July 2017 12 July (England, Wales, Scotland)
07 August 2017 04 August
08 August 2017 07 August (England, Wales, Northern Ireland)
28 August 2017 (Summer Bank Holiday) 25 August
25 December 2017 (Christmas Day) 22 December
26 December 2017 (Boxing Day) 22 December
27 December 2017 22 December
28 December 2017 27 December (England, Wales, Scotland)
01 January 2018 (New Year's Day) 29 December
02 January 2018 29 December
03 January 2018 02 January (England, Wales, Northern Ireland)

What can you do if the payment is late? You should check the payment date on your award notice or contact your bank. Make these preliminary checks before you call the Tax Credit Helpline for further advice.

Tax Credits Payment Dates Christmas 2018

As a rule, Tax Credits Bank Holiday payments clear and get paid to beneficiaries a few days earlier, or later, than the actual payment date. That means if you did not get paid on the due date, there could be a delay because of local holidays.

Scotland Local Holidays 2018

When Tax Credit dates fall on traditional days off for most of the working public, they are usually paid early if the due dates fall on official public holidays. But, some Tax Credit bank holiday payments in Scotland and Northern Ireland may get paid later than the regular due date.

Manage Your Tax Credits

Use this information to update your details with HMRC. You should always inform the Tax Credit Office about any changes to your circumstances. You can also find out how much you will get paid.

Click here to use HMRC Tax Credits service. If this is the first time you sign in you will need:

Note: Thinking of renewing your Tax Credits? You must make the renewal before July the 31st in the 2018 tax year.

Tax Credits Payment Dates with Easter Payments and UK Bank Holiday Chart