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Tax Credits Categories

Tax Credits 2017/18: WTC and CTC Guide

What are Tax Credits? There are two categories of Tax Credits. The two different types are Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credits.

TAX CREDITS: A section listing categories about claiming your rightful and different Tax Credits.

Those who qualify receive money. The UK Government sends regular payments into your bank account.

When does Child Tax credit stop? You can find current information on the Child Tax Credit Allowance in the United Kingdom.

Find essential information and advice about what happens when your tax credits stop. Do you need to know how to appeal or complain about Tax Credits?

The guide has important advice about Tax Credit payment dates. Learn what happens when your Tax Credits stop. We also explain how to claim and renew Tax Credits and what to do about overpayments.

Tax Credit Allowance Guide

Changes Affecting Your Tax Credits GuideChanges Affecting Tax Credits

HMRC TAX CREDITS CHANGES: You must inform the Tax Credit Office about personal and circumstantial changes affecting your tax credits. Changes in circumstances could mean that your tax credits will go up. But, they can go down or they may completely stop.

TAX CREDIT AFFECTS BENEFITS: How does Tax Credit affect other benefits? This section explains how some benefits affect each other. Claiming Tax Credits does not usually affect Child Benefit. But it does affect your Housing Benefit payments.

Child Tax Credit GuideChild Tax Credit

CHILD TAX CREDIT ALLOWANCE: Calculate how much credit and money you could claim if you are responsible for one or more children. You could be entitled to Child Tax Credit Allowance payments for all children under your responsibility, if they are less than 16 years.

Child Tax Credit When Your Child Reaches 16 GuideChild Tax Credit After 16

WHEN DOES CHILD TAX CREDIT STOP? As a rule, Child Tax Credit after 16 stops soon after they celebrate their 16th birthday. But exceptions do exist. In some cases the benefit continues for some teenagers until they reach 20 years old.

HMRC Childcare Vouchers: Online Better Off Calculator GuideChildcare Vouchers Calculator

HMRC CHILDCARE VOUCHERS: The online 'better off calculator' is a Government guide. It helps you determine whether claiming tax credits is best for you. Parents should use the childcare vouchers better off calculator as a general guide only.

Claim Tax Credits GuideClaim Tax Credits

CLAIM TAX CREDITS: The UK Government is phasing out Tax Credits and replacing them with Universal Credit. Use this guide to find out how to claim tax credits until you are eligible for Universal Credit.

Claiming and Dealing with Someone Else's Tax Credits GuideClaiming for Someone Else's Tax Credits

CLAIMING & DEALING WITH TAX CREDITS FOR SOMEONE ELSE: Information how to get authorisation to claim as an appointee and deal with the Tax Credit Office. You will need to use the specific authorisation form TC689 to help claim someone else's tax credits. For example if your child has a baby, or if you are acting as an appointee on behalf of another person.

Tax Credits Helpline GuideTax Credits Helpline

APPEALS: How to appeal Tax Credits? This guide has information on Tax Credit appeals and complaints. Find out which appeal form you should use and how to dispute a decision or make a complaint.

CALCULATOR: Find out how Tax Credit is calculated and how to use the Tax Credits payments calculator. Your income is the biggest factor that affects the amount of Tax Credits you receive. The HMRC Tax Credit calculator divides your element entitlements by the number of days in the standard tax year to calculate your amount of credits.

CLAIM FORM: How do you correct a mistake on HMRC tax credits claim form? What happens if you need to get a new award notice? You should call the Tax Credit Helpline without delay to correct any mistakes on your claim form.

Failing to inform them could result in an overpayment. These are tax credits that you are not entitled to have. You must repay any overpaid money. The maximum fine is £3,000 for giving the wrong information deliberately or through carelessness.

ENDING A CLAIM: Information how to end a claim for Tax Credits. Universal Credit will replace several benefits including Housing Benefit and Tax Credits. Most claimants will end their tax credits award when they start claiming Universal Credit.

GENERAL ENQUIRY HELPLINE: Information how to phone or write using the Working Tax Credits Helpline. You can also use the downloadable forms to report any changes to your personal or family circumstances.

QUALIFYING QUESTIONNAIRE: You can use HMRC tax credits questionnaire service to quickly see if you may be eligible for tax credits. You can then order a tax credits claim form if you think you qualify.

Make sure you have an estimate of your income (before tax and National Insurance is taken off) for the current and previous tax years. Do not use this service if you have already reached the Pension Credit qualifying age. Call the Tax Credit Helpline instead.

PART-YEAR PROFITS CALCULATOR: Use the government part-year profits calculator to help you complete entry box 2.4 of your award review. The online tool helps those who are self-employed work out part-year profits to end the Tax Credits award and claim Universal Credit.

RENEW TAX CREDITS: You can only renew your tax credits claim for the current tax year. The application deadline finishes at the end of the previous tax year. Call the tax credit helpline if you missed the application deadline. Prepare your National Insurance number and renewal pack if you have one. HM Revenue and Customs send an award notice within 8 weeks of your renewal. It informs you how much you could get.

Tax Credits if You Leave or Move to the UK GuideTax Credits If You Leave UK

GO ABROAD: This section explains Tax Credit procedures if you leave the UK or go travelling abroad. There is extra information about cross-border workers and those subject to immigration control.

MOVE TO UK: This section explains Tax Credit procedures if you move to the United Kingdom. There is extra information about cross-border workers and those subject to immigration control.

Tax Credits Payment Dates and Overpayment GuideTax Credits Payments

PAYMENT DATES: Use this guide to check your next Tax Credits payment dates and find out when they are due. You may receive your Tax Credits payment early if the due date falls on a UK bank holiday.

OVERPAYMENTS: Do you need Tax Credits overpayments advice? This helpline guide has information on tax credit overpayment procedures. Find out how the repayment methods function to help you repay overpaid tax credits.

Working Tax Credit GuideWorking Tax Credit

WTC: Working Tax Credit Allowance is a means-tested benefit used to boost weekly earnings of working people on low income. Use this guide to find out if you are eligible for WTC. There is extra information for those who already qualify for Working Tax Credit.

List of Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit Allowance in the United Kingdom