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Tax Credits If You Move to UK

What Happens About Tax Credits if You Move to UK? This section explains Tax Credit procedures if you settle in the UK from another country.

There is extra information about cross-border workers and those subject to immigration control.

Changes as a Result of the Referendum?

Note: The referendum result has not currently change the rights and status of EU nationals in the UK, and UK nationals in the EU.

If you do not have a job there are conditions to meet before you can claim Child Tax Credit if you moved to the UK on or after the 1st of July 2014. First of all you must live in the United Kingdom for 3 months.

However, this rule does not apply if you;

Tax Credits Cross Border

What happens about tax credits for cross-border workers? In some cases those who travel regularly across the border may be eligible for tax credits. This includes those who;

Working Tax Credit

You may also qualify for Working Tax Credit if you live in;

Child Tax Credit

In most cases you and your partner (if applicable) will usually get Child Tax Credit for your children providing;

As a rule you cannot claim Child Tax Credit for children who live outside the EEA or Switzerland. But there is an exception if your partner is a Crown servant posted overseas.

Childcare costs

The childcare element of Working Tax Credit may provide help with childcare costs. To qualify for the payments your children must either be in;

Tax Credits Immigration Control

If you are 'subject to immigration control' it is unlikely that you can get tax credits. However there are some exceptions to this rule and you still need to meet other criteria. The main qualifying rule includes working the relevant number of hours.

Your passport may be stamped when you arrive in the United Kingdom at border control. The passport stamp shows any relevant conditions of your stay in the UK. An example could be 'no recourse to public funds'. The term 'public funds' refers to tax credits and the entitlement to benefits.

Some Exceptions

In some cases you may qualify for tax credits if;

1. You Have Permission to Stay in the UK (because someone else supports you)

You might get tax credits if someone else is responsible for your maintenance while you stay in the United Kingdom. That means the person supporting you must pay for your upkeep and provide you with a place to live. This person is often a friend, a relative, or your employer. Technically they are called your 'sponsor'.

In this case all of these must apply to you;

Those who have been living in the UK for fewer than 5 years might be able to get tax credits if;

2. You are from Algeria, San Marino, Morocco, or Tunisia

In these cases you cannot get Working Tax Credit. You may qualify for Child Tax Credit if you are working in the UK or the reason you are not working is because;

3. You are from Turkey

If you are a Turkish national and lawfully present in the UK you may be able to get Working Tax Credit. You may also qualify for Child Tax Credit if you are working in the UK or the reason you are not working is because;

4. You are from Macedonia

If you are a national of Macedonia and lawfully present in the UK you may be able to get Working Tax Credit. But, you are unlikely to get Child Tax Credit. An exception applies if you have been receiving payments for your children through income-related Jobseeker's Allowance or Income Support.

5. You Claimed Asylum Before 5th February 2006

You may still get Child Tax Credit if you claimed asylum in the UK before the 5th of February 2006. In this case you might have received financial support for your children through income-based Jobseeker's Allowance or Income Support.

Tax Credits if you Move to the United Kingdom