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Child Tax Credit Payment 2019

You do not need to be working to claim Child Tax Credit. Check how much you could get if you are responsible for one or more children.

CHILD TAX CREDITS GUIDE: Entitlement to Child Tax Credit payment is only for children that you are responsible for.

But, they must be less than 16 years old. The child age limit can increase up to age 20 if they are in approved education or training.

How Much are Child Tax Credits?

The money that you receive for each qualifying child does not affect your claim for Child Benefit.

As a rule, the amount you get depends on your family circumstances and your household income. Child Tax Credit regulations allow one payment per household. You cannot claim for Universal Credit at the same time.

The basic amount has an upper threshold of £545. It gets paid out each year for the 'family element' but you might get extra elements on top. It will depend on your circumstances, income, and whether your child has a disability.

Note: The rights and status of EU citizens living in the UK remains unchanged until 2021. The scheme to grant 'settled status for EU citizens and their families' opens from March 2019.

Child Tax Credit Rates 2019/20 Tax Year

Note: You can use the tax Credit calculator 2019 as a useful tool for working out the amount you might get.

Income Affects Child Tax Credit

Your income maybe too high for tax credits but you can use the tax credit calculator to work out what money you qualify for. The limit depends on your personal circumstances as well as those of your partner.

You must report any changes in your circumstances to the Tax Credit Office. Any time your family or work life changes it can make your tax credits can go up or go down.

The common reasons include a change in your income, your child leaves home, or the death of a partner.

Note: The benefit cap is a system which limits the amount of benefits people aged 16 to 64 can receive.

Child Tax Credit Eligibility Criteria 2019

To qualify for CTC your child must be under 16 years old (the cut off is 31st August after their 16th birthday). The limit goes is up to 20 years of age if they are studying in approved education or training.

The usual circumstances which make you responsible would be when:

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Note: Contact the Tax Credit Helpline if you need further help or information about shared responsibility of a child. You can also claim for an adopted or fostered child if you are not receiving money from your local council (called the Health and Social Services Board in Northern Ireland).

Extra Child Tax Credit Payment 2019

The extra Child Tax Credits elements are available for a disabled child if either:

Apply for Child Tax Credits Online

Making a New Claim

Universal Credit is replacing Child Tax Credits. As a general rule, you can make a new claim for Child Tax Credit if:

Note: The date when your children were born will determine the amount you could get.

All children born before 6th of April 2017

In this case, you should get the 'family element' for all your children. You should also qualify for the 'child element' of Child Tax Credit.

One or more Children born on or after 6th of April 2017

In this case, you should get the child element for up to 2 children, or more, if the exceptions to the 2 child limit apply to you. But, you will only get the family element if at least one child was born before the 6th of April 2017.

New claimants should fill in a tax credits claim form using the online tool. You can also call the Tax Credits Office to get one mailed to you. Allow two weeks for the postage and then processing of new claims generally takes up to five weeks.

Note: There is no need to use this claim form if you are already claiming tax credits for your child.

Already Claiming Child Tax Credit

Claim started before the 6th of April 2017

In this case, you should get the 'family element' and the 'child element' for children born before the 6th of April 2017.

Having another child on or after the 6th April 2017 means you may only get the child element for that child if it is the second child you claim for. In some cases you may also get the child element if you have more than two children.

Claim started on or after the 6th of April 2017

You should get the child element for up to 2 children and you might get the child element for more children. If one of your children was born before the 6th of April 2017 you should also get the family element.

You get the child element for all your children if they were all born before 6th of April 2017. In this case you also qualify for the basic amount called the 'family element'.

Moving to the United Kingdom from EEA

If you do not work, you must wait three months before claiming Child Tax Credit if you move to the UK from a country in the EEA from the 1st of July 2014. Some exceptions do exist (such as for refugees).

Note: You must renew your claim each year. It is a good idea to keep records of your child's education to support your claim. You may also need verification of your bills, income, benefits, payslips, tax credits and childcare. Keep these records for at least 3 years.

Child Tax Credit Payment Dates 2019

As a rule, all benefits, allowances, and pensions get paid into a bank account held by the main person responsible for the child.

You must report any change in your circumstances. If there are no changes, payments get deposited each week or every four (4) weeks.

Note: CTC payments start from the date of your claim up to the end of the financial tax year (the 5th of April). Remember some Child Tax Credit bank holiday payments may affect the date you actually receive the benefit.


When is Child Benefit Paid?
Child Benefit dates 2019 are monthly. Payments are usually made on a Monday or Tuesday more often than any other week day for most claimants. Child Benefit payments may get sent early if the due date falls on a bank holiday.

How Much Do You Get for Child Benefit a Week?
Tax-free Child Benefit payments help towards the cost of raising children. As a rule, a single parent can claim Child Benefit payments of £20.70 per week for the eldest or only child until they turn 16 years old (exceptions apply for children age 16 to 19 years). In some cases you get £13.70 for other children if you have more than one.

How Often Do You Get Child Tax Credits?
Tax credits payment dates are set at every week or sometimes every 4 weeks. Your claim form offers you a choice of how often you get paid. Check tax credits payment dates 2019 over Christmas and bank holidays.

What is the Process for Child Tax Credit Change Bank Details?
The online government Tax Credits service is the system for Child Tax Credit change address or bank details. Login to your HMRC Government Gateway account to make changes to your bank account or manage your tax credits. The link gives you options to create a Government Gateway account, get help if you forgot your password, or chat to HMRC advisor online.

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Check the rates for making a telephone call from a landline or mobile. Find the current phone call rates for all the most popular numbers such as 0800, 0808, 0845, 0870, 03 and others.

Child Tax Credit Rates, Claims, and Payments in United Kingdom