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CTC Over 16

Child Tax Credit after Turning 16

Child Tax Credit for children over the age of sixteen (16) can continue in some cases. But they would need to be in approved education or certain approved training schemes.

CHILD TAX CREDIT AT 16: In most cases, Child Tax Credit stops once your child reaches 16 years old. Exceptions exist for some teenagers until they reach 20 years old.

At What Age Does Child Tax Credit Stop?

Is your sixteen year old studying in approved education, embarking on further training, or registering with a careers service?

If not, the benefit you receive for Child Tax Credit ends on the 31st of August after your child reaches 16.

After your child turns 16, to make sure you get paid the right amount, you must inform the Tax Credit Office with relevant details if they:

Child Tax Credit Approved Education

For the purpose of keeping your Child Tax Credit the approved education has to be full-time. This means studying for more than an average of 12 hours a week in supervised study or a course-related work experience which can include:

Note: Your child must be accepted onto the course before they turn 19. These approved education courses are not considered to be approved if they are paid for by an employer or 'advanced' (e.g. a university degree or BTEC Higher National Certificate).

Child Tax Credit Approved Training Course

Providing the approved training is unpaid, it can include:

Note: To qualify your child must be accepted for the training before they turn 19 years old. Courses which are part of a job contract do not meet the approved training course requirements.

Child Tax Credits Careers Services

Up to twenty (20) weeks of tax credit is also available if your child leaves education or training before they turn eighteen years old and either:

Note: To qualify for Child Tax Credits career benefit your child must be sixteen or seventeen years old, working less than 24 hours a week, and not receiving certain benefits which affect this claim, such as Income Support.

Child Tax Credit after 16 in the United Kingdom